44 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 2 vs Note 8

  1. Only a moron would say thats a real note device. That is obviosly a galaxy tab series device. The note 8 is not out yet. That is most likely that galaxy tab 4 or 5. Note devices have high resolution screens not like that galaxy tab series devices.

  2. I used galaxy note 8 inch ..its a very useful and excellent tablets so far… for me its a #1 tablet with S-pen in the market.. it has a phone capabilities, , so every time I missed my family,, I can call them, anytime, anywhere,,, its fully functional with skype,, text messaging and phone calls,,

  3. Note 8.0 is faster, stronger, thinner, lighter and has better screen and features than the Note 2.This man doesnt compare them, he says that the Note 2 is better in everything (NOT TRUE)…

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