Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs Galaxy Note 2

The Galaxy Note 3 is the subsequent evolution within the Note line, however does that imply we should always neglect the Galaxy Note 2? Josh solutions that query on this version of VS.

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43 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs Galaxy Note 2”
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  2. hey Joshua, just a question. what do y'all do with the old phones?(such as the note 3).I was on the market for a note 3 and wondered what tech channels do with old review units

  3. This is just a small suggestion for evryone..i hv note 2,3,4 and recently got 5 but to say the truth note 3 is best and then 5…i am saying this out of experience

  4. I don't care what anyone says I am getting the Note 2. I like being old fashion and plus I can root my phone and put the note 4 software on my phone duh!!!!!

  5. I've had them both and I also rooted both and flashed multiple Roms I say the note 2&3 are great once you've done everything possible

  6. I was thinking of getting a note 2 but changed my mind and getting a note 3 in like white an gold plus note 2 is 200and note 3 is 300 so might aswell

  7. I really like the look of Note 3 and Note 4, I almost bought a 3… but the price put me off, it still does infact. I have bought a wii u and ps3 lately… so i might get a note 1 or 2. My friend has a note 2 and loves it 🙂

  8. I have the Note 3 its dope ass phone but the Note 2 still is a good phone as well I sure wouldn't deny that phone either my mother originally had the Note 2 but now she has the Note 4

  9. I still love my note 2 he makeing it seem like the note 3 blow the gn2 out by far like the note 2 come out 18 years ago….

  10. I upgraded my note2 for a week I had a Samsung galaxy s5.I must say it has a lot of bells and whistles. Mostly useless features that I probably would not I returned the s5.and went back to my note 2 it has all the functionality in a phone it performs if not better so I'll save about $500 and go with the note2.

  11. I love my note 2 it's awesome people still ask me what phone is that. It functions perfect it has all the features I need in a phone and more I wouldn't upgrade my note 2 I'm still so happy with it.its still a high end device ..I'm loving my note 2

  12. Note series is the best I am having note 1 now and it works pretty well never lags while playing heavy games like asphalt 8 or fifa 14 I hav both installed on my device it actually is bettr than many devices out there now

  13. In my opinion, I think the note 2 is better because it can play heavy games without lag, and plus the volume is louder than the note 3. I don't care about the faster processor or the extra gig of ram, all of that is irrelevant to me. Its all about the optimization and sound quality.

  14. I don't plan to use it for music/movies/video/pictures n all 
    <to ANY real extent of note or worthiness anyway IF at all > …

    just for research and reading e-books and taking notes( with the S-pen that could come in handy to not lose ink written ones ) …the big screen on the Notes is a good feature I am guessing really I cant go wrong….  So any suggestions either way is all good  🙂

  15. Ive been reading that google has furthered its invasive, people oppressing trend by changing the software via kitkat update which now restricts peoples ability to simply fully use microsd cards on the note 3 and related google infected phones. That even though there is still a microsd slot, google is trying to force pepple into using their creeply cloud and internal storage on phones, rather than respecting our freedom to choose for ourselves what and how we want to fully access, modify, transfer and use files and programs in microsd cards.

    Any recent experiences with this? Hopefully Google and samsung have learned the error of their oppressive, controlling ways and have reversed that meddling software change and policy?.

  16. I used the Note 1 (n7000) for 3 years. And often exchanged with my friend's Note 2 in lectures for fun. So I likely have experience in both + Ive used the Note 3 for an hour or so of another friend.
    Basically, for day-today uses, even the note 1 is pretty much decent. But if u are a heavy user like me who play games, music, extensive camera features, note taking (all S-Pen features), movies etc, Note 1 nowdays will become outdated somewhat coz of newer games and software demanding higher performance. Note 2 is hanging in there, but not for too long. Note 3 is perfectly up-to date and I dare say its even 'future proof" since it has top or among the best chipset, has a whopping 3GB ram (even most of its competitors still hold 2GB). 2GB is pretty much enough for today's work but when it exceeds in (not)near future, Note 3 will be still capable. Im not gonna say about differences as its already in the video.

    And dont forget that Samsung only supports firmware (Operating system) updates for a device for 2 years since its announced. So my Note 1 ran out of firmware updates 1 year ago (Jelly Bean 4.1.2), and Note 2 will run out technically on this year (now at 4.4.2). (Im not sure whether it will even get Android L, nor atleast 4.4.4) In that case, Note 3 still has one more year! (now at 4.4.2 and will surely get Android L)

    So if u can pay the extra, buy the Note 3 over Note 2. (if u have overflowing pockets, sure wait n buy the note 4 😉 ) As far as I know Note 3 has a big leap of advance from Note 1 & 2, but Note 4 is not a huge jump from Note 3 (except 64-bit technology and obviously newer versions of chipsets) Even the 3GB ram and the 5.7" S-AMOLED display is same as Note 3.

    Under such facts, I personally just sold my beloved Note 1 and waiting till the Note 4 to come out so I can buy a Note 3 (skipping the note 2) for less cash. Since when Note 4 hits the market, Note 3's prices will fall down a bit. But from the spec comparison of the Note 3 and Note 4, I hope I can live with the Note 3 until Note 5 or 6 comes out, skipping the Note 4. (I know its a matrix 1>2<3=4?5?6, just read carefully)

    Btw another aspect to look at would be the appearance and the texture. I personally dont like that bubble-like look on the Note 2 and all gloss back. Its just a expanded version of S3. And even the Note 1 I had had a gripping textured back (Carbon Blue color one) Note 3 is the exact look I want, prestige/executive design, again gripping back, Note book-inherited more square like shape and much more. But I know some people dont like that square-ish shape for a phone. So think about it too.

    This is my opinion, trying to help anyone from what I know and aspects I see.

  17. Last week i recontract my line and take the note 3. Previously i was using the note 2 and decided to still use the note 2 and sell the note 3. I dont care about the specs because note 4 is coming out and the camparison between note 3 and 4 will be the same as this comparison.

  18. ewww… $800 Unlocked… FUCK THAT! 100% Highway robbery bitches! 

    OnePlus One all the way bitches smoking the whack ass competition like all the galaxy S/Notes series for total of just $359 for the 64Gb, you heard!

  19. These phone companies will not get my money every year. I'll upgrade in 2 years because I'm happy with my note 2.

  20. CAN SOMEONE REPLY HONEST ANSWER ! if I get the note 2 is it a mistake instead of getting the note3 I cant find a note 3 and again the note 2 im looking at is for $280 and is flawless ! I don't care for looks I just want to see if theirs a BIG difrence between both devices ???

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