Samsung Galaxy Note 7 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 5

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22 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 7 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 5”
  1. come on phonearena what has happened to you. I miss the days of you guys standig out, the blacked out rooms and you showing us around the inside of the devices those old days put you way ahead of everyone… now you keep trying to copy others but it doesnt work fo you guys!! come on you guys made me interested in tech now you just bore me… what is up with the boring videos about apps and games…. boring! up your game, where are the originals gone the characters…. you have lost your identity

  2. I have the note 5 and will be upgrading to note 7 by the end of this year, once I save up 900 dollars. maybe by Christmas

  3. Will be interesting to see how repairable the 7 is – my guess is a lot worse than the 5 which was bad already..

    Lets face it – battery goes or gets weak after one year throw the 7 in the recycle bin alone with most other phones out there in the android world..

  4. I'm wondering if the Note 5 cases will fit on the Note 7? Even though the front is curved on the Note 7. The Note 5 is curved in the back. They're both the same size.

  5. So the Body Shell of the S6 Edge Plus and 5.7 in screen, and wasn't this supposed to be the note 5 curved screen!! the insides of a S7 Edge, water resistant and camera, with new type c port and eye scanner. I assume that some of the features in the Note 7 will come down to the S6 and S7, i.e the UI. I do like the expandable storage, which i wish the s6 edge plus had though

  6. note7 is just an over priced fcuking piece of shit with equally shitty after sales service. Dont go for Samsung phones. Using Oppo f1 plus. It is simply awesome. And price? Less than half of note7's.

  7. note 7 is cool still the note 5 has a solid performance and a stunning camera the other features just software updates although I haven't put my hand on a note 7 yet, I probably will wait for the s8 or the note 8 to see some major changes.

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