Samsung Galaxy Note5 vs Samsung Galaxy S6

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44 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note5 vs Samsung Galaxy S6”
  1. Considering buying one of these. Tired of this cheap pos and tired of getting other $100 cheap phones, can get a note 5 or s6 between $130-180

  2. I know older video but if the Note 5 was meant to be an S6 with an pin they should have put a damn IR blaster on it.

  3. Which is honestly the best without prolems? I got a Lgg5 over the summer and it just Stopped working 2 months later. ( Piece of Shit ) – I just don't want to buy a junk phone again.

  4. I want the note 5 but I'm scared. I have the s6, I drop it all the time and nothing happens but my fiance dropped both of his note 5s on accident and they shattered. I think it's because of the weight but I want the note 5 so badly.

  5. Lg G5 has IR blaster S7 doesn't but s6 does. Lg G5 has sd card and S6 doesn't. best buy had s6 for 400 plus 200 gift card last month only reason i didn't get it was because of not having sd card. currently LgG5 is best phone on the market minus the ugly looks

  6. galaxy s6 (not the edge version), lg g4 and lg v10 which one has the best design and overall performance?

  7. Your so stupid the flagship series is the note and the S series are supposed to be an 'Experiment' to test how people react to design and funcionality changes

  8. should've thrown a word or two about their processors being the same or not (I am not sure, didn't checked..)
    and their differences in performance if there are such.

  9. Its mean only.. Long battery life and spen and large screen is deference.. You froget to tell 4GB ram..

  10. Samsung galaxy s6 edge + it's the best phone
    I have buy them and their it's the fucking god of the phones

  11. I like the Note5 because of the S pen and the nicer bezels and design, but I'm worried about the size. I have pretty small hands.

  12. the slightly more squared off corners of the larger models sure do look a lot more attractive. there's something about the overly rounded corners of the regular 6 and edge that give it a premium Nintendo feeling.

  13. i just traded in my Galaxy S4 for the Note 5 and love it. i've had the HTC a couple of years ago and then went to Samsung products. loved my Samsung Moment, Element, S4 and now Note 5.

  14. last ir blaster on samsung phones??? damn i hope not, my universal remote comes in handy ALL THE TIME!! I switch through channels even if its not my tv lol especially at restaurants

  15. Which is better please tell me the truth.and please say the reason why you think the phone you picked is s6 or note 5

  16. Samsung just announced the new Gear VR, lighter and easier to press the side buttons, and just for $99 USD. They deinfately want people to buy a Samsung phone. It works with the S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge+, Note 5 models.

  17. I'm really angry that samsung didn't release the note 5 to europe, I need a new smartphone so I either get the new iPhone or some cheap one, wait until next hear and hope samsung will not ignore us

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