Samsung Galaxy S20 FE versus Pixel 4a camera comparison

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE versus Pixel 4a camera comparison

The new Samsung Galaxy S20 FE is a superb machine, however does it take higher footage than the Pixel 4a? We reply that actual query in our Samsung Galaxy S20 FE versus Pixel 4a camera comparison video, taking pictures and movies with the Pixel 4a and Samsung Galaxy S20 FE in a wide range of completely different lighting circumstances to really take a look at the cameras on each smartphones.

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Video shot and edited by Nick Gray

Ghosts by Ikson

40 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S20 FE versus Pixel 4a camera comparison

  1. The only thing that annoys me about the pixel is the fact that pictures during daylight with auto seems to be just a tad underexposed all the time? But the videos seems to get the exposure right at the same time? Can't you like force just a little higher exposure for the auto mode? Manyy pictures otherwise come out as dull/lifeless in comparison to any other brand of smartphone cameras.

  2. If the engineers at Samsung would just build in an option to turn off the artificial photo processing, then we would be talking. I get it that Samsung wants to appeal to the masses, but giving the saturation knob a good spin is just a cheap party trick. Samsung makes great hardware, but the corporate shenanigans goes right along with it. Really disappointing, you would expect that there must be some people at Samsung with common sense. After tens of years in the business they still don't offer a robust and intelligent camera experience.

  3. I don't know why Galaxy always struggles with selfies. The Pixel's selfies were sharp and vibrant. The Galaxy selfies were washed out and smoothed. The main camera shots looked almost identical.

  4. I am surprised that the low light photos taken by the Samsung FE are so much better than Pixel 4a. Great improvement and video stabilization is better on S FE.

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