27 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ Android 6.0.1 vs Galaxy S7 Edge – Speed Test!

  1. Can you please mention the link where we download GTA San andreas Game… Kindly..
    I have download it from many sites but it is not working correctly on my s6 edge plus…

  2. Have both phone and could say s7edge is more brightnes in direct sun and youtube..s6edge+ is eye catch..mooore beautiful..speed is same..very fast both and sexy like hell

  3. It looks like they actually perform the same. The slight difference looks to be from your slightly timing in pressing the icons. The Exynos from last year can keep up with this year Snapdragon aka Crapdragon…

  4. Just sold my note 7 to go back to my old favourite…… s6 edge plus titanium. It's a great phone even though the brightness on note 7 is better without that forced auto brightness crap you get on the edge phones!

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