Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ vs Apple iPhone 6 Plus

The Galaxy S6 edge+ enters the market because the de-facto flagship for Samsung in (*6*) and plenty of different markets the place the Note 5 is not going to be formally bought. As such, it is solely pure we examine the Galaxy S6 edge+ vs the Apple iPhoen 6 Plus – the present Apple flagship phablet system. The S6 edge+ has the marginally bigger show, nevertheless it trumps the iPhone 6 Plus relating to decision: the S6 edge+ is a 5.7″ Quad HD cellphone, whereas the iPhone 6 Plus has bought a 5.5-inch 1080p display screen.

For a extra detailed comparability additionally learn our Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ vs Apple iPhone 6 Plus comparability right here:

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48 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ vs Apple iPhone 6 Plus”
  1. The phone was in perfect shape.>>> But it did not work with my Xfinity account (uses Verizon network). Too bad. Nice phone. They did a quick refund, about a days turnaround. Pretty incredible.

  2. Yep unsubscribed. Id trade in the iphone 6s plus for any Samsung. No. No iphone runs faster and smoother. Bufoon. Just like your voice, this video disgusted me. As usual.

  3. you said that iPhone have butter screen than Samsung i think Samsung have most beautiful and cool screen in the phones

  4. Galaxy s6 edge plus was my most disappointing phone. I fucked up by not getting my 3rd note at the time. Glad I finally have something new

  5. i think you stick something on s6 edge plus, im using both of the devices i can see that samsung is much better color than the iphone . are you iphone's fan?

  6. I have an s6 edge+ and I absolutely love it to bits. Just two things I need to point out. Firstly , the screen on the s6 is crystal clear meaning it will drain the battery life alot faster compared to an iPhone to sustain the beautiful graphics . Secondly, I have a crack on my screen and thought about replacing it but turns out, the glass and LCD comes together so the cost of replacing it is equivalent to buying a second hand iphone 6. Yes, if there's a hair line crack on your phone and you want to replace it, you need to replace the LCD screen as well even if it's working fine.

  7. ive been iphone user for almost 6 years…never been dissapointed by ip but in donna try something new, i'll try note 7 when it comes out

  8. Samsung for the win!!! Apple sucks! I can't believe that the creator of the first smartphone failed to produce something better. shame.

  9. I agree with the other comments that this is a biased review. Every other review I've looked at (both from individuals and from specific tech groups) says much of the opposite of what is presented in this review when it compares the phones feature by feature. I will never watch a review from you guys again. #dislike

  10. Don't do a video comparing two things when you like one thing more than the other, it makes it unfair, because you leaned towards the iPhones side no matter what this video.

  11. Had iPhone for years and I finally hit the peak of hatred for Apple. I bought the 26 edge plus last week and it's the best decision I've made if I'm honest. This phone can do so much more. Screw apple.

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