Samsung Galaxy S6 edge vs Apple iPhone 6 Plus

The S6 edge, with its side-sloped show, is definitely a head-turning cellphone, in all probability essentially the most superior one Samsung has made to this point. However, the S6 edge will inevitably conflict with the Apple iPhone 6 Plus, essentially the most feature-packed iPhone…

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42 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S6 edge vs Apple iPhone 6 Plus”
  1. • S6 edge > functionality , convenient , lots of features , camera shots, durable , • Iphone 6 plus > Security, simplicity , processing performance, Video shots, durable

  2. "Simple, straightforward and just works." Those were the iPhone "pros".
    I think that statement says everything you should know when trying to compare a beast to a piece of overpriced brand.

  3. You didn't mention that Iphones can change the color of the picture 🙂 You can brighten it, you can make it darker, theres black and white colors and all that you can choose from sooo…

  4. this is how it goes:

    galaxy s6 edge > iphone 6+

    galaxy s6 > iPhone 6

    galaxy s5 > iPhone 5

    iPhone 5s > galaxy s5

    iPhone 5c = galaxy s5

  5. I have the 6 plus I was thinking of going to Samsung s6 edge ????? , in this video this guy clearly saying the the Samsung is better !!!

  6. The test here is flawed. He stated that the Iphone 6s Plus is larger because he had the plus version. If he bought the Samsung S6 edge plus and tested that instead of a normal s6 edge the samsung would be slightly bigger. Im not a samsung fanboy but I dont like it when people make videos and cant get their facts right or do a fair comparison

  7. This guy is an idiot. It feels more fragile so its more likely to break? Thats the dumbest comment anyone has ever made. The Samsung S6 edge has a far stronger screen than the Iphone 6s plus. The samsung will survive a 10 foot drop with a few scratches whilst the Iphone will have a cracked screen by a 6 foot drop. Search up other youtube videos that have done break tests on the products.

  8. I gave my iPhone to my Mom, I felt the Edge 6 plus is a better phone in pretty much all aspects. the point that phone arena didn't mention is not only
    does it have a better battery life, you can charge it from dead to 100% half the time it takes the iphone to do the same. plus you also can charge the phone wireless. For businessmen and women and really anyone, that is a huge huge advantage. the pics and videos all look better on the Edge, even from watching this video you can just tell how much better it is. so if you take a lot of pics and vids, Samsung might be your best bet. Edge plus is also louder. my only real gripe is the earphones, apples is better but not by much and not a important reason to pick a iphone over a Edge.

  9. Ok I want some opinions, on which is better. I have used a samsung and a iPhone. So I'm kinda wondering which one I should get edge or 6+

  10. The Android market has a wider variety of cheaper yet similar preforming smartwatches to the apple watch. Just saying……

  11. Stop sending me comments I've been getting these for 5 months and there's every type of comment and seen them all from averybody

  12. How good is the battery life on the s6 edge if all I use is wifi? I end my days around 30-40% on a 6 plus… Will the s6 edge be the same?

  13. galaxy s6 edge is beautiful and has many colors to choose from.
    plus its unique and has more new features than assple.

  14. have you dropped a s6 edge? of course you haven't because you would know it is WAAAYYYYYY stronger then that other one…… What's it called I can't remember.

  15. the only reason u didn't say that the iPhone is obiosly worse is that u know a lot of people have I phones and u know the give u hate or dislikes the s6 is way stronger in software it has 8 core processor and 4 gb of ram when the iPhone 6 only has 2 core prossesor and only 1.6 gb of ram. sad u want people to like so much

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