Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4 | SuperSaf TV

Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4 | SuperSaf TV

(*4*) Galaxy S6/S6 Edge vs (*4*) Galaxy Note 4. A comparability of the Galaxy S6/S6 Edge vs Galaxy Note 4 taking a look at specs and options together with …

40 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4 | SuperSaf TV

  1. Guys i had the s6 ..Camera is a beast, but the rest is crap just like an iPhone the galaxy Note 4 is a more beaster! !! The speaker on this phone is loud and powerful..if you know how to root your phone my advice to you guys is use the viper4android free on the Android market ..Disclaimer "I am not responsible if it bricks your phones speaker …but the note 4 is awesome can't wait for the galaxy note 5!!!! Damn that phone is gonna be sexy !!!

  2. I like the samsung s6 size, the camera's, speed etc. But the battery is still bad and not removable + no sd-card option…
    And with the note 4 has removable the battery + sd-card option but on the other hand I dont like the size (small hands)…
    If there another phone of 2015 (android/apple) which has: good camera's, very fast, sd-card possibility and good battery (can still alive at least a day, s4 can't!) let me know 🙂

  3. Hey guys i have a samsung galaxy s5 and i dont know if to get note 4 or s6 which device is better overall and will the note 4 have updates to change the ui like s6 like more cartoonish icons

  4. Great video comparison! I will stick with my note 4 I upgraded from the s5 and love the size of screen. I do like the wireless charging feature, note 4 can do the same so…. I know the note 5 will more than likely be my new upgrade

  5. I just left tmobile about 2 hours ago from checking out the galaxy S6 and I think it's nice but my note 4 is still cream of the crop in performance versus the S6 my note 4 is fast and fluid without root I'll wait on the next note and go from there.

  6. The main  reasons I got the Samsung Note 4 was because of the bigger screen and expandable memory slot (expandable was the main selling point because of ability swap in different micro sd cards with different content ) along with the added bonus being able to swap out the battery on long trips or hiking adventures.  As such, these devices are not appealing at all.  I am very happy with my Note 4!!

  7. I'll be sticking with my G-Note4, especially since the Note 5 will surely premier in or around October. I must add that there are a few features I pray do not trend from the GS6, (the nonremovable back and all) also, let's see more water-proofing. Overall, i love my Note 4and I wish it were water resistant.

  8. Thank you for the review now I am so undecided on what I want now lol!! I was so going for the Note 4 now can't decide if I want the Galaxy 6 edge Ahhhh…

  9. Personally, I dislike very much how Samsung took out the expandable storage on the S6 and S6 edge. By doing so, Samsung is basically putting an expiration date on their flagship phones, so this, for me, is kinda stupid.

  10. Any idea when will note 5 be out?
    Im currently using note 4 now.. but im so madly in love with s6 due to bottom speaker, wireless charing and even the camera.. but i can't say goodbye to big screen.. dilemma right now.. any advise ?

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