Samsung Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6 Plus: first look

Samsung Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6 Plus: first look

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Android smartphone was introduced right here at MWC 2015, and we already had our likelihood to take it for a spin. (*6*) the way it stacks up in opposition to a potent rival, the Apple iPhone 6 Plus.
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32 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6 Plus: first look

  1. because samsung galaxy s6 i better than iphone 6 plus they upgrade it thats why samsung is best they dont copied iphone suck becuase of camera 1 mp front camera are you serious this is suck

  2. Interesting video. I admit i am an iphone fan.
    The s6 is samsungs best effort to date. It looks decent and finally has an in house processor.
    As good as it is, the single core performance is only on par with the iphone 5S while the multi core performance is insane. Unfortunately multi core performance doesnt account for much as 99% of apps are single core cpu dependant.
    It may finally be almost as quick as the iphone 6/6plus in normal everyday usage and hopefully the stuttering and delayed response issues have been fixed.
    Apples tri core a9 that is coming this year will be a monster. It will smash everything in single core performance, and match if not exceed the multicore of other phones. The graphics performance will also be about 2-3 times higher than the a8.
    This year will be the year that android will struggle because of the a9 chip. It will be the biggest jump in power since the dual core a5 in the iphone 4s.

  3. this is nitpicking but the better comparison would be the regular iphone 6 with the GS6… anyway… both devices are pretty sick… i give the edge to samsung because they have been more innovative lately… they came out FIRST with the smart watches… and have the VR headset that can be utilized with their GS6 and GNote4 phones… apple lately has been the ones biting off samsung innovations…

  4. Some one else did this comparison. S6 vs phablet by Apple. Not fair. Should be the Note 4 vs iPhone 6 Plus. 

    If you're going to compare the S6 to an iPhone then it should have been the iPhone 6. Even if the only difference between the two iPhones is the screen size. Maybe battery life. 

    What I'm looking forwards to seeing you guys compare will be the Note 5 vs iPhone 7 Plus. 🙂 Hope Apple includes a stylus in the iPhone 7+. 

    I do like the new themes and UI/fonts of the S6. But I'm definitely getting a phablet next time…end of this year…when my current contract ends.

  5. S6 is copy of iPhone 6 bottom and top, and similar to nexus 5 and iphone 4 from back. Copied similar finger print scanner and giving up their crappyr finger print scanner on S5. Similar to iPhone,now GS6 also doesn't have expandble memory and removable battery.
    Very innovative Samsung, well done!

  6. The Galaxy S6 is just flawless!

    By the way, you referred to the iPhone as "one of its rivals". I'm sorry, but I think it's the ONLY rival the GS6 has. No Android smartphone can compete with the GS6. 

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  8. lmao he was looking at the s6 the entire time, I look at the bottom and the top I thought he was looking at the iPhone 6, OH COME ON, it's looks exactly the same!!

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