Samsung Galaxy S7 edge vs Galaxy S6 edge+

Let’s evaluate the Galaxy S7 edge and the Galaxy S6 edge+ so you will get a greater concept about what you are going to acquire, and what you are going to miss on, relying in your selection of buy…

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36 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S7 edge vs Galaxy S6 edge+”
  1. I have the s7 edge and the s8 plus in my opinion the s7 edge had the best looking design over the s6 plus but the s8 plus is the best looking phone ever in the world period

  2. Wow so much S6e+ users here haha, I've been using both of these phones and I personally prefer the S7e because of this few reasons:

    1.water resist
    2.curved edge display + 2.5d glass
    3.better camera
    4.looks sleeker
    5.more compact doesn't hurt my hand even if I hold it tight unlike the s6e+
    7.better battery life

  3. s7 edge curves look better when you see them in real life.. but the major improvement is the camera.. it is night and day better

  4. the S6 edge plus is bigger then the S7 edge?? I got the note 7 but waiting on my swap for my S7 edge and check. stericycle Is meeting up with me this week

  5. Thanks to my dad. He made the worse decision of getting the S6 Edge Plus for me instead of the S7 Edge. I just can't get over it.

  6. watching this on my new site she plus. loving this phone. tho I got a Verizon version. didn't know I can't root. but I still love this phone. dope camera

  7. it's funny how people hate on the galaxy s7 edge because they don't have one they have the galaxy s6 edge plus but I bet if someone traded them for an s7 they'll be saying it's better and all that .the people who say the galaxy edge plus is better your wrong because the s7 is newer and it's obvious Samsung will fix problems it had last year . people just hating on the s7 cuz they ethier don't have one or they are stuck with last year's model

  8. i guess everybody here has an s6 edge/s6 edge+.
    everybody here hates s7 edge. its pretty clear that the s7 edge will perform better because its newer and has better specs except for the camera and screen size. everything is better on the s7 edge specially that they made it an ip68 water and dust resistant. plus the s7 edge made me switch from apple to samsung because of its design. the edge on the s6 edge is just too much and it bothers me a lot when playing games and videos where is the s7 edge curved screen is just perfect. everything is perfect in the s7 edge.

  9. great phone I got it for 9 days now everyone here saying it's not good clearly haven't used one or can't afford one

  10. Those are all tiny, incremental updates and of no real significance. If you're already stuck on the S6+ there is absolutely no compelling reason to switch over unless you the type that enjoys wasting money.

  11. My S6 Edge plus is safe from being upgrade at least until quarter 4. So is nice but no where near as good looking or premium feel in hand than the S6 Edge plus.

  12. To me the camera on my S6 Edge plus looks clearer than the S7 and S7 edge, I'll wait until September to upgrade

  13. cant be that the s6 edge + is better in battery it has bigger screen wich consumes more power and much lower battery capacity and both run the same touchwiz and all that

  14. both phones are dope I just preferre the 7edge with expandable memory the battery optimization could of been better they can fix that with a update plus it's water resistant that's why I rather 7 edge

  15. Nice comparison, but I might get the S7 Edge just for the fact it's water proof, plus where I work at I work around water 24/7! I currently have the Note 5 Black Sapphire and ain't gonna lie I love the phone to death! but because where I work at I need a water proof phone! I love Samsung Galaxy Note Phones this will be my first S Line phone! I had the Note 2, Note 3, Note 4 and Note 5! lovem!

  16. To be honest i prefer my S6 EDGE+ i'm not upgrading to the GS7 EDGE i think samsung will have more options in the near future! 🙂

  17. Played with and used the S7 Edge but I still prefer my Black Sapphire S6 Edge +. They're both gorgeous phones but I slightly prefer the Edge + design over the S7's; not to mention the bigger screen which the S7 simply can't compete with.

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