Samsung Galaxy S8 versus Huawei P10: speed test

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is extraordinarily widespread and thought of to be among the best Android smartphones of 2017. But is it quick sufficient to maintain tempo with the Huawei P10 and its Kirin 960 SoC?


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36 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S8 versus Huawei P10: speed test”
  1. I've got the p10 however with the price drop off the S8 I'm seriously considering buying it just for the better display and water resistance. Also I've noticed some signal drops on Bluetooth and WiFi that don't really happen on Samsung devices. I'm not saying I'm gonna get rid of this one as i really like its camera setup, however i mostly use my phone for media consumption nowadays.

  2. Pls anyone tell me should i buy p10 cuz for me its most complete phone right now,and btw what is oleophobic coating??

  3. Sorry guys but this comparation is not fair because S8 has 2k resolution and P10 fhd. S8 has better camera (photos and video) especially at night, better display (super amoled), infinite display, etc… If you prefer the P10 because is half second faster opening apps good luck!!

  4. Bought the p10 yesterday beautiful phone got it for 350 pounds think about it a lot cheaper than the s8 and it's faster ..hate it when the Samsung fanboys start making up excuses like it's because the s8 is pushing more pixels rubbish that is getting old just remember the p10 has a 2016 chipset. .if a phone is faster it's faster just give credit instead of lying to yourself. …and I came from a note 4 still have it big beautiful phone still works fine after nearly 2 years

  5. ive got p10 since its launched, and the speed is amazing guys. although the marketing budget is not as much as samsung, if you guys looking for high speed phone, go for this amazing p10

  6. @High Tech Traveler is the P10 that you currently have UFS 2.1 ? If its possible, speedtest the S8 with P10+ ? 😀 Thankss

  7. The slowness of the s8 is it appears a decision Samsung has intentionally made. They have failed to come close to the iPhone so they have sort of given up and now concentrate on gimmicks like DeX and Bixby. Samsung fans appear to love all these gimmicks. Well, sales of the latest suggest that the teen market is more concerned with superfluous stuff like a pretty screen, edges and all glass. Beyond me, I suppose being a lot older I may be stuck in the mud, but glass phones just seem like an oxymoron and a pretty screen doesn't get your work done any quicker, those edges, in fact, inhibit your flow. The s8 is strictly for hardcore Samsung fans, it offers little for the discerning buyer with poor performance and missing deal breaker features like dual cameras, front fingerprint sensor and stereo speakers. The P10 and plus are great phones and tempting when their price comes down a bit.

  8. One of the reasons why Samsung S8 is popular is for using the SD 835, not the Exynos! That said, rallye glad to see the P10 destroying the 2017 behemoth of smartphones 😀

  9. Also no wireless charge, BT 5.0, iris scanner which are important to some people. Since both cost the same the P10 should keep up with the specs otherwise it should cost less. I've thought of getting the P10 Plus but pay the same and get less doesn't make sense to me just like iPhone which is worse because it's overpriced. The P10 also has a smaller screen size than the S8.

  10. I have the same Exynos S8+ since 4/28 and no lag so far. As for speed, honestly don't care about few seconds as long as it doesn't lag. Don't get me wrong, the P10 Plus is a beast but once you go almost bezeless it's hard to go back, especially if you watch lots of videos on the go like me.

  11. I got this news that Huawei P10 is manufactured randomly based on availability of Hardware such as using DDR3 instead of DDR4 and UFC 2.0/2.1 or eMMC storage(UFC2.1>UFC2.0>eMMC)

  12. s8 might be slower, but S8 is an real flagship unlike P10 that lacks so many things compare S8 or any other real flagship. it's cheap audio and no oleophobic coating are inexcusable.

  13. I just got me the P10 plus few days ago and I must admit Huawei deserves more praise than they deserve. This phone performs just as good as any other current flagship out right now. Nothing hiccups or even stutters

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