Samsung Galaxy S8+ vs Galaxy S7 Edge

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29 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S8+ vs Galaxy S7 Edge”
  1. Just update s7 edge to oreo 8.0 software. I did. The performance is just as impeccable as the s8 and s8 plus.

  2. I've had the s7 edge and I currently have the s8 plus and I must say that the s8 plus takes the win but I do like the s7 edge

  3. 18:9 is a bummer for video (and photo) experience … great for browsing , but, CHUNKY bars on the left and right of the screen is just not cool (or good looking)

  4. I love my s7edge there is no need 4 me to get the upgrade to an s8+. It looks like its an edge phone like my s7edge

  5. I prefer the S7 Edge to the S8/plus devices. That ridiculous fingerprint scanner placement and bixby button is a deal-breaker for me. I'll truck on with my S7 Edge until the S9 or S10 give me a reason not to.

  6. Pls you say the bettery life of S8 + and S7 Edge which one will going to last me full days in heavy use pls reply for me

  7. It's so annoying how people are complaining about the fingerprint scanner. I'm 13 and can reach above it easily

  8. I'm still on the S5 and looking to upgrade, I'm not one to upgrade to a new phone every year, so I'm looking for top stuff I can have for maybe a year or two. S5 to S7 edge or S8?? Which one should I go for and why bearing in mind I haven't upgraded for years

  9. I prefer the Edge as it does have like 80% of the features of the S8 but cheaper and has just the right size of big scream for me. Not to mention it's a lot cheaper now .

  10. hey I like your review of the phone I just want to know something when you go to YouTube to listen to music or to see a movie does the phone heat up because my LG3 keeps on heating up everytime I listen to music or watch a movie on YouTube or on my Google movie app

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