Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Unboxing & Hands On

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Unboxing & Hands On

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 at Amazon*: More particulars: The Samsung …

47 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Unboxing & Hands On

  1. That screen looks like crap. Anything dead center it dims to hell and desaturates. Even the tab s from SIX YEARS ago looks way better. Unlike the lower end A series phones, samsung A series tablets have been drowning in bottom barrel LCDs for years.

  2. I just bought the Tab A7 WiFi, I can't help but notice that the top of the screen when holding in portrait, is slightly brighter than the bottom of the screen. I notice this when I have a dark plain background, and also notice the bottom is darker if I have a plain white background. Has anyone else picked up on this?

  3. i was thinking to buy this.. Has it enough power to play supercell games at 60 fps stable? the only use of tablet i do is multimedia streaming yt twitch , maybe reading and supercell games like coc, is it good for this things? this a7 is better than mi pad4 plus?

  4. i can see the trend of putting two year old midrange in every budget hardware these days,i predict next year we gonna see a Tab A7 with sd720G/730 or 732 for this price and its good enough imho

  5. Finally the samsung tab thats worth getting imho
    Im thinking of getting either a $400 ipad or this tab for $199 in my country,planning to do spreadsheet since my laptop was sold

  6. the main question for me is if the One Ui 2.5 will inevitably saturate those meager 3GBs of RAM; in other words, if it's possible or not to deactivate stuff, replace the launcher with Nova etc to leave as much memory as possible for regular applications. The split screen functionality is useful and "calls" for it (eg browser on one side, and an Office app on the other)

    I'm looking for an inexpensive "work support" tablet and I'm torn between this and the Lenovo thingy with a (probably) much less updated OS but with 4 gigs and a much more stock-android approach.

    I know I'm late for questions but maybe you can still manage to slip some considerations about this aspect in your next video, comments or on the site

    many thanks if you manage (and if you can't, thank you anyway to have read all of this 🙂 )

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