Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 vs iPad Pro - Full Comparison

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23 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 vs iPad Pro – Full Comparison”
  1. Ipad for professionals?! It doesn't have calculator what is more basic for professional than that :)))

  2. I just decided on the iPad Pro because I wanted a laptop replacement so the tab s 7 keyboard was the deal breaker.

  3. You forgot to mention that the iPad Pro can bend like a biscuit. The Tab S7 is sturdier and more robust.

  4. I just put in an order for the Tab S7+ with the keyboard case bacause I feel it gives me more freedom of use than the IPAD, It's more like a PC than the iPad. Apple needs to let the people decide on how the device is used not Apple!!!!! Sad thing is I'm an Apple fan boy with 3 MacBook pros, 27 inch iMac, 19 inch iMac, 3 iPhones, 2 iPad pro's and 1 mini, they serve the family perfectly but for me I have a Note 9 and am hoping the new tablet will give me the same freedom of use.

  5. Well I love that Apple app store has sharpr 3d cad modeling because I am a designer and engineeer and I also love that Rolling sky is still and only on apple app store and soon to come for both Android and iOS League of legends wild rift and Right now I have a Android device and Google plays apps and games suck real bad but Apple app store still got games that that Google play banned and like if you search 3d modeling apps what is on apple app store is better.

  6. I definitely am satisfied with my purchase of the tab S7 8/256gb. Yeah it was almost $800 but the hardware makes no compromises. The tablet this replaces was the 10.1 2014 edition (also samsung) that finally gave up the ghost after 6yrs of heavy, daily usage. This one should easily last 5yrs + also as it's much sturdier built. And sn865+ is a beast. A joy to work with. Only time will tell but I wouldn't be going back to samsung if any of their products disappointed me in terms of durability.

  7. Great Video, but I felt like you left a huge Advantage of the S7 out by not mentioning the samsung dex feature which comes in especially handy as a notebook replacement

  8. For a suggestion, Do compare the file transfer system too. Most of your compare is just like spec sheets comparison which I can find easily on the internet. cheers.

  9. What about the S7 plus vs iPad Pro 2018 12.9. I’m thinking about going back to Android but don’t want any issues. Mainly streaming and social media

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