Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Vs Active 2 Vs Galaxy Watch Vs Gear S3 Vs TickWatch Pro Vs Huawei Watch GT 2

Today I’ve for you the final word comparability of sensible watches from Samsung in 2020. We need to hold model new Samsung Galaxy watch 3 versus the Samsung Galaxy watch energetic 2 versus the Samsung Galaxy watch versus the Samsung gear S3 frontier versus the ticwatch professional versus the Huawei watch GT versus the Huawei watch GT I hope you take pleasure in this detailed comparability.I hope you take pleasure in this detailed comparability in addition to a stroll by means of of all of the options on the model new Samsung Galaxy watch 3 2020

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27 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Vs Active 2 Vs Galaxy Watch Vs Gear S3 Vs TickWatch Pro Vs Huawei Watch GT 2”
  1. Only reason that stops me to upgrade is MST. Come on Samsung, you can charge 400$+ for a watch an exclude the MST. I love the option of paying ANYWHERE, and only gear s3 can do it. So even if I forget my phone home I have my watch and I can pay with it. Hopefully Samsung will bring it back.

  2. Nice comparison, Right now I have the 46mm gear watch and am thinking of buying the Galaxy watch 3 but I like the size of the 46mm and don't want anything smaller I know the screen size on the GW3 is 1.4 inch but as a whole holding them side by side are they about the same size when wearing them? or does the 46mm look like a bigger watch?

  3. Thanks good video……. just know I'm very thankful for xda and anyone who supports it. Features we have today is cause of people like you!!

  4. nice watch….but I'll be keeping my Gear S3 Frontier. I doubt they'll ever release a watch that is a true price justified upgrade from the Frontier.

  5. So by sticking to my Galaxy Watch, at this moment I'm missing nothing other than a feature that doesn't work yet? Wow, "Take my money!" ha ha

  6. Seems to be the same as my frontier. Just not as durable. Been working with it for years. When it dies I'll pick this one up.

  7. i had a frontier samsung watch, i sent it back 5 times in 1.5 years. 4 times they said they replaced inside, 5th time they said it was fine. i swaped my frontier samsung watch for my sisters galaxy watch and…… same thing. the samsung watches fail alot at wireless pay, they fail at terminals they sometimes worked on before and after and all terminals were local and never failed on the s9 plus using both samsung pay or google pay. sam,sung have in my opinion lied about wireless payon watches as its a fail rate between 2-4 times out of 10. yep its that unreliable. They even said theyd get it sorted even if warrenty ran out and when they returned it 5th time they wanted video footage proof. thats right they told me, a customer to film the watch failing to prvove it on the fith time. SAMSUNG SUCK. i could sue them as i feel i have enough emails saved and i could film it to prove it but im lazy. bought a p30 pro moving to and trying fitbit as i only want a watch for wireless pay and samsung cant provide that. If anyone needs proof leave a reply ill send you thsome of my many chats with them. its no joke. ps: alot of people i asked with a galaxy frontier and the galaxy watch that used it for wireless pay said same things. Thats about 12-15 people in the last years ish

  8. I’m sure Samsung are kicking themselves for making such a good watch as the Gear S3 Frontier. I see no reason to upgrade to this as the Frontier is still ticking along just fine.

  9. I bought the watch on Monday.. and returned it on Tuesday… Too bulky and heavy… The Galaxy Watch Ac❤️tive 2 is lighter and much better!!..

  10. Samsung has to hear fans complain about them not including mst! This feels the same when they took away sd card and LED notification light in the galaxy phone. They bought the SD card slot back.

  11. The s3 frontier also has MST for payments. Much more versatile than any recently released watches. Kinda bummed they stop putting it into their watches :/

  12. To be honest, this Watch is a never fulfilled promise on a very high price. The owners of the Watch 2 were already betrayed more than a year ago. If somebody wants these features, can have them for much less money.

  13. hello, great video..
    i heard you mentioned swimming is not a problem in Galaxy Watch 3 and this watch has Water Lock too, but does this Watch has Swimming Workout??

  14. Why until this day there isn't any WhatsApp or Messenger app on a smartwatch? I don't think anybody use SMS as main way to communicate.

  15. I think smart watches are still pretty expensive, but reaching the same amount of features of the phones these days could be a great option to not carry the phone for many activities

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