Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 vs Huawei Watch GT 2

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24 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 vs Huawei Watch GT 2”
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  2. You mentioned that Active 2 is capable of Whatsapp audio call. How can I set that up ? I only receive Whatsapp messages, but not Whatsapp calls ! Can you please help. Thanx . I hope you reply

  3. I'm very much a Samsung Person with the whole Samsung Eco system. I have the GW46mm which is an awesome watch and has served me well and still does but Black Friday Sales i was looking at both the GW3 & Huawei GT 2 and wait for it i chose the Huawei GT 2 ,,,,, why,,,, one thing,,,,, Battery Life, I care for that more than WiFi, NFC, Samsung Pay, Images, Music, 3rd Party Apps etc etc, ive never been one to keep Music, images or 3rd party apps on any smart watch either. My Main thing is all your daily Stats, Fitness, Sleep, BPM, Steps etc etc and the Huawei GT 2 has all that & for me its been AMAZING to date, even Huawei's Health App on my Note 20 Ultra has so far been flawless. To not have to charge my watch every 24 hours is Gold 😉 Im on my 5th day with the Huawei GT 2 and still at 60 % battery life,,,, WOW. This is the thing, in certain Galaxy Watch Groups im in, one thing people complain about is battery life and so many people will say turn this off, turn that off, turn AOD off lol, just to get an extra day of battery life on any GW, so in essence this is stupid why have all these features on a watch if you have to turn them all off just to get 2 max 3 days on a watch ?? It dont make sense lol. To me its all gimmicky. In Australia the GW3 costs $649 yep you read correct and it was NOT even on sale for the Black Friday Sales where in fact the Huawei GT 2 was $299 on Sale so for me its a no brainer 😉 in all fairness to the Huawei GT2 it has to be compared to a "like for like" Smart Watch, comparing it to an Apple Watch or Samsung Watch for its Features of coarse they will win hands down lol 😉 great Video none the less Cheers 😉

  4. Getting honor magicwatch 2 as its the same as gt 2 cheaper and performs key components well as a watch. I have my phone for all the other features pointless replicating them on watch as well.

  5. GT2 is junk. it errorly counts steps. try to drive a car and it will count the distance as steps.. no wifi, no widgets, no watch faces …

  6. Hello,
    I have heard that active 2 does not work well with non samsung smartphones. Is it true?
    If yes then please tell me those features which won't work.

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