Samsung Gear Sport & Gear S3 GPS comparison Part 2 - Using GPS to track exercise without phone

Part 2 of a sequence of movies exploring the GPS on the Gear Sport and Gear S3.

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Here we have a look at each the Gear Sport and the Gear S3 doing the identical duties so when you personal both and wish to understand how to use the GPS watch this sequence

We attempt going for a stroll not related to the phone so in Standalone mode and see how the gps and different sensors carry out

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38 thoughts on “Samsung Gear Sport & Gear S3 GPS comparison Part 2 – Using GPS to track exercise without phone”
  1. Hi, is it possible that the watch's GPS function without the phone? I mean I wanna know if it still functions if its connected to a wifi instead? My phone is a little bulky to carry it when I'm running.

  2. Very informative and good review of the GPS. Do you know what happens if you start off exercising connected to the phone GPS and then move out of range of the phone?

  3. Any idea how to enable step counter on gear sport , it says its enabled but not working . I was thinking about resetting, any thoughts

  4. I want smart watch which looks decent but focused on activity tracking like gym running badminton. What do u suggest

  5. I have fenix3 and wondering if you can do same fonctions I used. I would run then select back to start either fastest or same way back. I would also set a course on a map in advance then send to watch to follow. Can it do those things?

  6. In terms of using it for running (not marathon running) will the heart rate reading be better on the sport or Frontier

  7. Thanks Mr A. I appreciate the video and effort you put in. It helped me make my choice easier of which to purchase between the two devices. Actually my mind was already made up. It is the Gear Sport, mainly due to it's smaller size. No fitness tracking device is medically very accurate right now. We'll have to wait for a few more years before we get that.

  8. I use Gear S3 with gps when riding cross-country skis or rollerskis. Gps is doing very well. It is precise and does not cause any problems. Only the heart rate monitor works incorrectly. Its accuracy has been confirmed to be very good, but during the practice of sport the heart rate monitor freeze very often. It freezes even for half an hour or even longer! This is seoriuses problem with this smartwatch. I have no idea how to fix that.

  9. 17:18 i'd actually think the sport was more accurate, because of the auto pause in the workout, it should skip stops/dips like this and continue the exercise.

  10. I've never seen a watch require so much work to start a workout.  Especially a fitness watch.  wtf?

  11. How is the speaker volume on the sport, I have the gear s3 and the speaker volume stinks compared to my Huawei watch

  12. I have a gear fit 2 and even I'm not wearing it detects the bpm, what the heck are you doing samsung !!!

  13. Look at the difference with the bpm, thats why dont trust your health with this samsung smart watch

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