Setting up alerts on different phones is configured differently. Lenovo P2, ZUK Z2, SGS4

In this video I’ll let you know how the notification mode is configured on different phones. The notification in different phones has different icons on the instance of Lenovo P2, ZUK Z2, Samsung galaxy S4. At first, it was not ordinary to get used to a brand new telephone, since all the things is different for every telephone. watch this video and see for your self)! Phones that I personally suggest for buy: 1 – in a movie black unique xiaomi redmi be aware 4X: (autonomy for 2 days at common load) Link to the vendor on aliexpressGS4press: 2 – Lenovo P2 with world firmware and 7m android: (autonomy for 3 days with common load) 3 – Super not costly, however when recording video, there are issues with sound high quality: I might purchase this telephone for my mother. 4 – I purchased an acquaintance of mine on my recommendation LeEco Cool Changer S1 Mobile Phone 4G LTE Snapdragon 821: Great photographs, nice sound on video, tremendous autonomy, like on xiaomi redmi be aware 4X.

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7 thoughts on “Setting up alerts on different phones is configured differently. Lenovo P2, ZUK Z2, SGS4”
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