Should you get an SSD for your laptop? (Ft. Lenovo Edge 2)

To be clear, that is in actual fact a Lenovo Edge 2, not a Yoga 3 (for some motive I get the 2 blended up very simply lol).

The outcomes are within the video. To be fully trustworthy you do not actually NEED a strong state drive to do fundamental duties like looking the net or making phrase paperwork. Yes, SSD’s are a lot quicker and way more dependable, however are additionally dearer and are available in decrease capacities than exhausting drives do (sure, I do know there is a new 14TB SSD on the market, however let’s preserve it to a client degree).

I’ll all the time suggest an SSD over a tough drive any day of the week, but when you’re on a decent price range, exhausting drives are greater than enough, and that’s the objective of this video.

Check out the Lenovo Edge 2 right here: .

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5 thoughts on “Should you get an SSD for your laptop? (Ft. Lenovo Edge 2)”
  1. Hello! I got this laptop for gaming and school a couple months back. It runs older games fine (Fallout NV, Borderlands 1&2) and even some newer ones like the Overwatch beta it did beautifully on but games like Fallout 4 and sometimes Skyrim it can't get a good resolution without decreasing the performance pretty heavily. Is there any way I could upgrade this laptop by adding a graphics card or something along that range? Great vid btw… Should've got a ssd.

  2. Hey man, I'm considering buying that Lenovo for college. The specs sound amazing, and I love the build quality and tablet functionality. My only concern is how is the battery life on it? I've heard mixed, some say up to 7 hours but some say 3. For normal in class tasks, what will I be looking at as far as battery is concerned? For more intensive stuff I will probably leave it anchored to a wall anyway. Also, is the battery replaceable? Thanks!

    P.S- You should do a full review! I really like this video so I'll be subscribing and hoping for one in the near future 🙂

  3. I think the hard drive was batter cuz it more cheaper, more storage, the only things get point of was the speed, somebody well say the HDD is not safe,or it can't use too long time, but I think the technology of HDD was upgraded a lot the than before.

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