Sony Xperia XA Ultra vs C5 Ultra Speed Test!

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19 thoughts on “Sony Xperia XA Ultra vs C5 Ultra Speed Test!”
  1. We learn much in this video specially the infamous marshmao version of android….surely a latest version of kitcat.

  2. son iguales, no vale la pena pagar el doble por un sistema operativo mas moderno, y bueni… unamejora significativa en la camara trasera. xD

  3. hey bro i saw u tried to beat c5 ultra but u proved to me C5 with its 2 gigabytes better than XA ultra … now XA and T2 ultra the worest and for sure Z ultra the king father and C5 ultra his son both the winners … same as LG nothing beats G2 till now with his incredible speed. thanks for your review

  4. i currently own a c5 ultra. but still battling to see if i should upgrade to xa ultra.? is it worth it and is the battery life on the xa ultra to the c5ultra.?

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