22 thoughts on “Sony Xperia XA1 vs Xperia XA Speed Test, Multitasking & Camera Speed!

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  2. I noticed that your XA does not respond when sliding the upper and bottom menus sometimes. Same happens on mine as well, but overall I like the phone, especially it's design.

  3. i just wanna ask you is does your both hands touch the screen on the same time??? If it does not, then it is fully waste of the time doing the speed test…thank you

  4. Based in specs and price range the best "affordable" mid-range phones for this year are Xperia XA1, Xperia X Compact, Moto G5 Plus & Wileyfox Swift 2X (or whatever they release in the future. So far liking the processor and camera in the XA1 (specs wise) but is he RAM any better? 3GB but only DDR3 speeds? USB Type-C but only 2.0 speeds? No water resistance but nano coating? Dual speakers but are they louder (mono or stereo?), Any blue light filter? 4G LTE Cat-6 speeds in UK? Sony seem to struggle to clarify these questions to me. Any help?

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