sWIPe Nokia Lumia 930 S Design Concept

Inspired by Windows Phone, the swipe of meego harmattan and the Nokia 5610, sWIPe use a slide button to deliver extra navigation posibilities to WP8, the brand new notification heart and the improved multitasking display screen can be found with a easy slide, swap between apps may be very straightforward too. This mission is the concept of Dario Giannash and Il Matti with the Omar Pirela collaboration within the 930 S 3D mannequin and the graphic animation. .

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18 thoughts on “sWIPe Nokia Lumia 930 S Design Concept”
  1. if you actually try out the concept demo, nokia swipe actually seems like a great idea. i, jusg like most people dont agree with the swipe key. keep hardware, swipe for software.

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