The 8 Best Lenovo Tablets | 2020 Edition

The finest Lenovo tablets:
Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab at Amazon*:
Lenovo Tab M10 FHD Plus at Amazon*:
Lenovo Tab P10 at Amazon*:
Lenovo Tab M10 at Amazon*:
Lenovo Tab M8 at Amazon*:
Lenovo Tab E10 at Amazon*:
Lenovo Tab M7 at Amazon*:
Lenovo IdeaPad D330 at Amazon*:

Here are the most effective Lenovo tablets you should purchase proper now. I’ve examined virtually each current launch with Android and Windows. Also, I’m planning to overview the Lenovo IdeaPad Chromebook Duet quickly.

Which Lenovo pill do you like?


What I take advantage of for my movies:

Camera 1*:
Camera 2*:
Lens 1*:
Lens 2*:
Lens 3*:
Lens 4*:
Microphone 1*:
Microphone 2*:
Light 1*:
Light 2*:

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39 thoughts on “The 8 Best Lenovo Tablets | 2020 Edition”
  1. I want a tabket for media consumption, videocals and some mild gaming. Any thoughts on lenovo?

  2. Great review thank you can I have some advice i want tablet for my son for gaming more like roblox and watching YouTube i think between lenovo m10 plus and lenovo yoga smart which would be better. Thank you

  3. Lenovo Tab V7: You said nothing about the tiniest executive tablet; a cross between phone and tablet, 64 gig ram swappable memory of between 128-256

  4. There are so many views but very less number of likes….this guy is saving you ton of money spent on tablets with the right content ..Thank you.. please everyone hit a like on this video and other videos. Because to buy tablets for review is not cheap and honest reviews like this helps a lot.

  5. HD on an 8" 1200X800 screen?? Seriously? Can you really notice that? It's not a big deal not having HD on a tablet!!

  6. Can we use 3 Apps in Split screen mode ❓
    Like eg: WhatsApp, YouTube, Twitter
    Please Suggest budget Tablet that would do that

  7. Did you try Netflix on the web instead of the app? I heard other reviews indicate hd is available in the browser. Is it true? You made a huge deal about the netflix hd you should makecsurem

  8. How do you take the annoying Lenovo entertainment tab off the side of the screen on the Lenovo yoga tablet

  9. I was just wondering what's the difference between Lenovo Tab M8 and Lenovo Tab M8 (2nd gen), is it the same?

    Also I heard that it can't read music files, is that true?

  10. these models arent available in my country.. but I like your reviews, cause you review the essential info , good summary!

  11. It's so confusing M10 FHD, M10 FHD + etc etc. One would think Lenovo deliberately confusing consumers.

  12. Lenovo's tablets (ex: Smart Tab M10 Plus (2nd Gen)) can connect to a monitor via an USB-C to HDMI dongle ?

  13. Hey, you should do a video about all complains on Lenovo support forum. There are a tons of people waiting for laptops, tablets for months and Lenovo is not delivering. They are still taking orders but are not able to delivery at all.
    Go and reads some of posts from people there.

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