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  1. IF there was an official way to get them on the road it would be good to get segways but im biggest problem is what is the diiference between then and granny scooters in my book if they are alound segways should be. And i know if i bought a granny scooter to save on fuel i would be stoped within five mins. The laws are so wrong here

  2. segways should not be on roads without a licence, pavement NO just NO bikes are not allowed so why segways, yet police fail on bikes when there on pavement so how can they enforce this law!

  3. I class the segway as being a 2 wheel vehicle,so why the hell can't it travel on the road's,wheelchair's can go on the path's they have 2 wheel's and some are motorised as well,so what's the difference (No offence intended to wheelchair user's BTW ) to the Segway riding on certain area's,yeh maybe in non built up area's,maybe not in the high street,just another lame excuse to stop people doing what they like,As for the DS 3D,Total waste of Tech,3D on such a small screen,What's the point ? 🙁

  4. 5th comment. i dont see anything wrong with Segways on the road, they're similar to bike, why cant we have Segway lane?

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