The Ultimate Google Android Comparison.

With Google Pixel 4 simply out, and hopefully Pixel 4a coming quickly, this is my Ultimate Google Android Phone Unboxing + Comparison! Check Out EasySkinz:
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25 thoughts on “The Ultimate Google Android Comparison.”
  1. Everyone:arguing about the most important Google phone.
    Me:Arun got some nice shelf. What wood is he using. Maybe African hardwood. But I do say, amazing wood

  2. Detailed information, great representation.. It's very rare these days. This guy puts lots of efforts to deliver such a quality content.. Nice job brother !!!

  3. I like the Pixel line and the Nexus that came before it. I think the two biggest reasons the Pixel doesn't do well is 1) availability and 2) price. I would happily buy a Pixel and recommend them to friends and family, but they are not available in my country. Their availability is very narrow, and mostly only the developed markets.

    Price is also an issue for them. They were playing Apple's game in a market where the consumer was taught to compare the specs. For many years, the Android community looked for the best spec they could get. Apple would make very capable and enjoyable phones, with a lower spec, but due to optimization and custom designed parts, they would do very well for themselves and people wouldn't question it. In the Android world, manufacturers would try and use specs to drive sales. Ads would always mention the spec of the phone, kind of like a computer commercial. Google, like Apple, sell a different experience. For that reason, when they came up with a $900+ phone that had way less than the comparable Samsung, LG, etc. people were not impressed.

    I think the Pixel's budget series e.g. the Pixel 4a is one of the smartest moves the company diid and it is no wonder they are massively outselling their flagships. I also think that the Pixel 5 is well priced this year. Google belongs in the mid-range. The "a" series phone in the lower midrange and the flagship in the premium midrange.

  4. As someone that’s regularly called an “iSheep” or “Apple fanboy” by insecure fanboys, I’ve owned the HTC Magic, Google Nexus, Nexus S, Nexus 4, the Pixel and Pixel 2 XL, with my absolute favorite being either the Nexus 4 because of its gorgeous design, or the original Pixel because of the amazing camera.

  5. I miss the Nexus range, especially the Nexus 5 which is probably my favourite smartphone of all time. I feel that Google really lost the way with its Pixel Range. Massively overpriced when compared to flagships at similar prices. Don’t get me wrong, the software experience has always been exceptional. But Google overlooked key features like decent battery life and poor value for money when compared to some other flagships. Hopefully the recent decisions will bring the Pixel range back in line with what the original Nexus line was about. Showcasing the best software experience Google has to offer in a great value package.

  6. I looooveeeddd my G1, G2, Nexus 6P, Pixel 1, 2XL. I went to OnePlus and now I pre-ordered my Pixel 5. PAPA'S COMING HOME

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