35 thoughts on “This smartphone can survive in any condition

  1. On 06/15/2020, through the Aliexpress portal, I ordered a Doogee S88 Pro terminal from the seller Doogee Joanna Store.
    The order is sent on 07/07/2020.
    The phone arrived on 07/30/2020.
    The phone stopped working on 09/07/2020.
    The corresponding claim is made to the store, draining the package.
    Finally, they write to me to send the phone to the following address:
    Company: Doogee
    Name: Zhang Zhen
    Postal Code: 51800
    Province: Guang dong sheng
    City: Shenzhen
    Street: Da Wei Shang Wu Shi Kong building D Zuo Jing Long Jian She Road Long Hua qu
    Phone: 15824457798
    And this on 09/14/2020.
    The S88Pro phone is sent, according to Doogee indications, and after a month, asking if it has arrived, they do not answer.
    A fraud.

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