Top 13 BEST Smartphones of 2020 (Mid Year).

You’ve heard concerning the iPhone SE (2020), Samsung Galaxy S20 / S20 Ultra, LG Velvet, Huawei P40 Pro, OnePlus 8 / OnePlus 8 Pro, however which 2020 …

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  1. MKBHD: Frame is metal
    Linus : Frame is aluminium
    JerryRigEverything : frame is plastic.
    One plus CEO : Calling the team and asking "what u guys actually put in there?"

  2. can i have a phone from you as a gift for me I'm using it for the online class? my phone is already destroy

  3. How is a phone that is not even available in many countries and will cost $1000 to import into Australia, a value champion? The Realme X3 superzoom is $650 here, available locally so you get warranty and have last years processor and no amoled… It Europe it sells for 500 euro… So it should be $800 minimum. You didn't even mention it

  4. Honestly love the amount of choices you can have nowaday, and pray for Apple product buyers…
    Also I'm still on the Poco F1, and about to switch to Poco F2 Pro next week.

    PS. Noticed that I didn't see poco F2 pro mentioned on any of your videos, makes me sad :/

  5. Am I the only one that's doesn't give a damn about cameras on a smartphone I hate pictures I don't take pictures I have no need of them

  6. It's not "iPhone vs Android"… It's either "iPhone vs '(insert other phone name here)' " or "IOs vs Android"… you can't compare a Phone to an operation system and vice versa. It always triggers me so hard when people say something like that.

  7. Arun Bhai!! I have been using the OnePlus 8 and I would say that it provides a proper flagship experience. It's a great device!!!

  8. Hello everyone I'm looking for a phone that's 300 dollars or under (it can be a bit over) with good camera, good battery life, premium feel lots of gb preferebly samsung.

    Any recommendations?

  9. actually oneplus' phones cost just a lil bit below iphones in my country. so samsung's is the only flagship worth the price

  10. I got myself an actual affordable smartphone (just 150usd) and it was everything I needed. I'm someone whose needs in phones are very modest in fact, prior to this one I chose not to own a phone for a number of years as I did not need one. I just bought one this week because of the current situation, and I found myself having to contact people more frequently. For the price, I honestly did not expect any of the nice features that it had like a snappy face ID and a fingerprint scanner, plus a battery that can't seem to die (it's had 90% of batter for the past 24 hours).

    TLDR: smartphone capabilities has advanced so much. Don't just take the word of influencers who are out of touch with reality. Assess your current needs and don't be afraid to opt for much cheaper phones because they're really not as terrible as most influencers make them appear to be.

  11. Nice video very informative as always!
    However let me nitpicking a bit 12:34 those cameras are MIRRORLESS and not DSLR which cameras have mirror (SLR means single lens reflex opposite to TLR twin lens reflex cameras like Rolleiflex…)


  13. I need HELP! So the camera is VERY important to me and so is battery life so those need to be great, I want a phone that I can take files off my computer and put it on the phone by plugging it in. I would like it to be able to download the latest stuff and I want it to be a fast phone. Also I would like it to be under 400. Any ideas?

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