Top 5 Samsung Galaxy J5 2017 Cases & Covers

Top 5 Samsung Galaxy J5 2017 Cases & Covers

Here are our collection of greatest circumstances accessible for the Samsung Galaxy J5 2017. Including the official Samsung Jelly Cover, The Official Dual Cover in addition to many extra powerful and slim circumstances from the likes of Olixar. In this video you are certain to search out the right case for you inside this beautiful line up!

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Samsung Jelly Cover –

Olixar Leather Style Wallet –

Samsung Dual Cover –

Olixar Armourdillo Tough Case –

Samsung Wallet Cover –

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43 thoughts on “Top 5 Samsung Galaxy J5 2017 Cases & Covers

  1. I got the official Samsung wallet case and because it's plastic it cracked on the back for me. I also have loads of mini scratches which you can notice so I'm gonna get the dual cover by Samsung and just add a screen protector.

  2. The cheapst is 13€ what do you think thet i am made of money can you make a video about some cheap cases ??? Sorry for my bad english if i made mestake with some words

  3. Fucking Samsung makes the phones so fucking slippery,(they constantly brag about how slim it is)that you either have to spend more money for a phone cover(and it is not so slim anymore),or buy again a new phone as it will slip out of your hand and break in no time guaranteed!

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