TUTORIAL: Lenovo T440P M.2 SATA SSD Upgrade

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  1. Please tell me where I can send you $20 so you can buy a damn decent microphone – one you don't keep dropping or otherwise blowing out my speakers by having to keep the volume high to hear you. Jeez…

  2. bro can we booth it from the newly installed m.2 SATA ? But I think SATA is worst when compared with NVME. Why did you not get NVME ?

  3. I have lenovo E540.
    Same situation, have a m.2 slot but no wwan card present.

    Now, can I install m.2 2242 sdd just like what you did, disregarding the structure of the pins?

    Hope someone sees this

    Thanks in advance

  4. I ordered this one for my wife. JustU.Faith/ThinkPadT-?詣 I've had another T530 for years now and was comfortable getting one for her. It arrived not configured as I ordered it (with an UltraBay hard drive adapter instead of the DVD/CD multiburner). The seller (GoGet Computers) eventually provided a working burner.

  5. I have managed to connect this with mSata to m.2 adapter that cost me 3$ on ebay. at first it didn't fit and i threw to the garbage. then i gave it another chance so i break the edge of the adapter and file the sides a bit and it fit and work flawlessly

  6. Good evening, I tried the same update on my X1 Carbon 2nd gen. (therefore the same age as your T440), installing a Transcend SATA III M.2 SSD 430S in the w-wan slot, but it is not detected, and the problem is not with my computer because I also tried to install it on my girlfriend's Carbon (identical to mine) and equally from bios does not detect any other disk than the one already present.
    What can this situation depend on?
    thanks mlle.

  7. Vale cualquier M2 o tiene que ser de una medida en especifico? Veo que el del vídeo es un poco más corto, los que encuentro en Amazon por ejemplo, se ven más largos

  8. hi! i have t540p and bought tochiba rc100 240gb, but in boot can’t see it, why? it because this toschiba doesn’t support, or t540p can’t use m.2? thx

  9. Hi there, i have a T440p without WWAN card but a free M.2 slot. May you please give the exact type of the new SSD you installed? Is this slot a M.2-M-Key Version?
    Actually i am investigatin if it is possible to use this port to connect external GPU docking station.
    Thank you.

  10. So I'm deciding between the T440p and the T440. It seems the T440 at least has 2 m2 slots. Does the T440p have two too? Because no one is clear on this.

  11. I just bought this laptop cheaply from ebay, found your video, checked the prices for m2.sata ssd and man I am happy! ssds in this format are cheap and incredibly fast 😀

  12. Hi bro! Installed ssd in slot m2. write speed is 548.0 MB / s, and read speed is only 160.0 MB / s, what is the reason?

  13. Hi there! After two months I see this error message before the start: "2101: Detection error on SSD1 (M.2)". I looking for on google, but didn't understand nothing. Anyone here can help me?

  14. I installed a Transcend MTS420 SSD in my T440p. Windows doesn't want to install to it, says "may not support booting to this disk. Ensure that the disk's controller is enabled in the Computer's BIOS menu." what BIOS version do you have ? i got 1.14 but I see no way to change anything in it regarding that M.2 sata port. Other than that it works great as a second non-booting drive. Any tips ?

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