Using the iPad Mini 2 in 2020

The 2nd era iPad Mini was an enormous improve over the first one- and nonetheless goes for a stunning amount of cash 7 years later. How does it maintain up?
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0:00 – Introduction
2:01 – Design
4:06 – Camera
5:24 – Technical Specs
8:04 – Value
10:24 – Conclusion

A-GON – Simplicity (intro/outro music)

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44 thoughts on “Using the iPad Mini 2 in 2020”
  1. While this iPad Mini is somehow still kind of overpriced on eBay, there's no question it holds up terrifically given the age. Anyone still have one?
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  2. I picked up an iPad Mini 2 16GB today with box and charger for 45 Euro. Christmas gift for the smallest kid if I don't find another deal on a newer 9.7 iPad until then ✌️

  3. Sir what do you think much better iPad mini2 or the Samsung tab A? Hope you can help me to decide which one to buy for my son.

  4. My iPad Mini 2 is still my only tablet today, going on 5 years, and it’s still very usable for Youtube, browsing, OneNote, Excel (laggy here though), Messenger (including video calls) and iBooks. It’s performs so much better (with iOS 12.4.8) than my iPad 2 did with iOS 9.3.5 (it was maddeningly slow, so I had to sell it).

    I can probably keep using this for 2 more years, but the iPad 8 is so tempting right now. My older eyes could use the bigger screen.

  5. I've had my Mini 5 since April 2019 and even though i have a relatively large phone (XR), I still prefer doing things on an IPad. IPad OS seems easier to navigate even though it's almost the same as IPhone OS. The Mini 5 also supports pencil use which no IPhone does

  6. I still use this ipad and the final update it came to was 12.4.8. i've been using it for 2 years and it lags a lot. It could be good for basic stuff like looking at youtube, but for games on my ipad, i'm thinking of getting a new one.

  7. Apple wasted money and time releasing this relic. Don't get me wrong, the Mini size is ideal for a tablet. But Apple forgoing a higher MP camera, keeping an old bezel/home button look is a huge mistake. I'm sure their iPad Mini 2020 sales will speak volumes. Sadly, they will compensate their loss by having their consumers foot the bill with bumped up prices.

  8. Hi, can I ask something how do I remove crashes on my iPad mini 2? cause I keep crashing when ever I play among us and roblox.

  9. Are use an iPad mini 2 at my grandmothers house go there every two weeks steel I looked in the about settings it said iPad mini 2 what is the model so that’s interesting I got it in 2016 though a bit weird

  10. Im gonna get that one today ;;-;;

    Im just grateful im gonna get my first apple device no matter how old it is

  11. I actually have an iPad mini 1st generation that is at the same time useful and useless. That’s why I’m switching to iPad mini 5 with the Apple Pencil, AirPods, etc. However I don’t know if that’ll happen.

  12. I literally watched this video on an iPad mini 2

    Later edit: by the way I got my iPad mini 2 at target for 200 dollars in 2014

  13. Im using it for 2020 and yes this is feeling obsolete and Disney plus lags or gets stuck sometimes. I am thinking of getting the iPad mini 5 but I am waiting for it to at least to go down to $250

  14. Had one of these since 2014 till the beginning of this year once it quit getting updates. So I saved up to get a mini 5 which no surprise was a major upgrade

  15. I currently have the 1st generation ipad Mini and my daughter (3) uses it pretty much only for YouTube kids, as Netflix, Disney plus, hulu, or pretty much any other streaming service does not offer support for the ipad Mini 1 anymore. I recently retired it since I can't even download educational apps for her so I upgraded to the iPad 7th gen.

  16. I’m having a weird issue with my iPad mini 2. On the YouTube app there is no option for 60hz at all. And yes the videos I tried to do 60hz on where confirmed to play at 60hz. I have absolutely no idea why

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