Video Camera Comparison Review: iPhone 6s -vs- Galaxy J7

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37 thoughts on “Video Camera Comparison Review: iPhone 6s -vs- Galaxy J7”
  1. I have to agree the IPhone 6s is more realistic skin tone, Clouds are clearer. For being stable. I think the j7 is less stable sort of bouncy. When you have the sun on your face with the J7 it is very white where the 6s is normal skin tone.  I fly a Phantom 3 for a hobby and use a really cheap rca tablet that is all I can afford.Those new Phone's are way to expensive for me.But the 6s is great. Great review on comparing the phones

  2. I like the J7 better. Sorry I'm late dude, I was repairing my midi keyboard. Loving these vids keep up the good work!

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