40 thoughts on “Why I Did Not Keep The BlackBerry Keyone

  1. I wish classic and q10 run android OS. I love the size of these two. I find keyone is quite too big. Small phones are still great, especially for those who don’t want to bother much about the entertainment

  2. BB design team sucks. Every phone the put it it’s like they’re trying to compete in a market that no one wants them to compete in. They’re caught between a rock and a hard place. They just need to understand that BB is not a good daily phone if you want to be normal or at least have the same functionality as OS and Android software.

    The best ideal BB would be the classic size with most recent updated android software with a passport keyboard and tool bar. BB is for productivity not multimedia.

    I use my classic as my personal business phone/ when I don’t want to be bothered and focus. iPhone is my other phone that I consider my play phone and how to actually stay current in 2019.

  3. The Keyone keyboard is not the problem, the Android software is! Compared to BB Bold 9000 with the 4.6 OS practicality, compactness, phone number highlighting wherever its text was, the instant calling over this phone number etc. In Android any phone number in the "notes" section of any contact cannot be highlighted and activated instantly. The other shortcoming is the absence of stereo speakers and backward compatibility with data in the old BB Bold phones. Even the BBM is not compatible, you must define a second Blackberry ID in order to use it.

  4. I think the BB Classic is the best of all more or less new smartphones. I certainly do not think the screen size should be larger than on the Classic; the Keyone/2 are way too big and unpractical. Perhaps more than the keyboard the trackpad of the Classic is absolutely usefull, and I totally miss it on the Priv/KeyOne (but there is an pointer mode in some South Korean versions!). Oh, and that the battery cannot be swapped really sucks with all of those. In this regard Q10 is better.

  5. Thank you for the video. May I ask your advice? I have always loved Blackberry. To me, they're like the SAAB of smartphones! Do you know if there are any Blackberry phones I can use with my Boost Mobile service (or even another prepaid carrier? Since I can't spend hundreds of dollars on a Keyone, I think I'd really like a Passport or Classic (new or used even). I've "Googled" it but can't seem to find a clear response. I would appreciate any info and guidance! Thank you.

  6. Despite the Keyboard and Android in the KeyOne, it is not comfortable to hold or use, feels like a metallic brick or slab. Ugly design it has. Key 2 seems way better, by the looks of it, but I like Blackberry Motion more, it looks more premium.


    5 months ago i had the great idea to buy a Blackberry KeyOne Black Edition.

    Nice phone, nice features, great battery but…

    I have also a Toyota Auris Hybrid with a Touch2 and Go multimedia system (the most advanced multimedia system in the catalog).

    I was thinking: an advanced couple of brand new technologies.

    I was wrong!!!

    It seems that my car multimedia system can pair with all brands of phones (i have also samsung and huawei devices that work well in the car) but NOT WITH THE KEYONE!

    The Keyone blutooth cannot connect with my Toyota.

    At least it connects after many long and annoying tries.

    Every time that i enter the car i have to repeat this "ritual" hoping to pair the Blackberry blutooth with the Toyota one.

    So during the last 5 months i have been in contact with Blackberry Assistance (many emails: at least 20) until 2 weeks ago when they (the Blackberry technical center) confirmed to me that they have seen the problem (…i sent them the debug log obtained by the phone) but they don't know how to solve it and they don't know when it will be solved… Good job Blackberry!…veeeery good job!…


  8. The Passport was too wide to hold comfortably and no one handed typing. Agree with the comments in the video regarding the keyboard on the Classic with a mid-size increase in screen size. Keyone is just a bit too frugal with the keyboard sizing and the convenience key is very inconveniently positioned. It defaults to being a mute button and it's exactly where you grip the phone while on calls…which means you are forever muting calls by accident.

  9. Technically BlackBerry isn't getting anything. the phones are no longer designed by BlackBerry the last phone they designed was the Priv. It was there swan song…..
    Now they only make the software that go's on these new phones that are designed by a Chinese company TCL.

    I am still using a Priv, the battery life sucks, and the CPU isn't aging the best plus like to get very hot sometimes…….
    But having a physical keyboard again makes me very happy!
    It also made me quite happy to own a Blackberry again since my last Blackberry was the original Bold.

    The keyboard on the Priv took some getting use too…. but I'm good with it now, but will still admit it could be better.
    I am actually allot slower at using the touch screen since I rely on the physical keyboard all the time!

    I really wish a Priv 2 would happen, I like the extra screen real estate helped by the hide away keyboard!
    I would love to see a greatly improved version of that design…. But I don't think TCL is going to adopt and improve a design created by BlackBerry themselves…

    I'm keeping an eye on the Keyone…. if prices come down enough I may consider one….
    But I am likely to wait at least another year before I concern my self with getting an upgrade.

  10. I made the BIG MISTAKE of getting one of these today to replace my Bold 9900. This is going back to the store tomorrow. I am.shocked that blackberry would release this. No more Blackberries for me – ever.

  11. I have both devices. The keyone is way better for apps and games! But the classic keyboard is that more better to type on! . I wish the keyone had the same size keyboard like the classic.

  12. I had the priv and loved it except for the known battery, lag, and heat issues and was looking forward to getting the Keyone when I had the money. Was able to afford one and have to say I found myself typing better on the priv vs keyone but I love the feel and look of the keyone better. So far I enjoy the Keyone experience and will likely stick with the next iteration of blackberry if they continue to innovate. My thought is if you want an android, why not have a blackberry android!

  13. I am afraid, if they ever come up with the phone you described, they'll slap some super silly price tag on it, like a $1k or something. Even KeyOne, as it is now, is terribly overpriced. Hyped for long lasting battery and the keyboard, there are few Android phones that outperform KeyOne in the battery department costing half that of KeyOne. Physical keyboard alone just can't be a factor to price the phone $300 more than other devices with better performance.

  14. The Q10 is the best BlackBerry ever made. A bit smaller than the Classic but it has a replaceable battery. Mind you, that will not be as useful because in a year or two no new batteries will be available any more.

  15. I have a Classic, but it is no longer supported by BB for updates, etc. It has become very slow when using Browser.. Anything I can do to help that before having to go to another style? Appreciate any helpful answers..

  16. The Keyone processor was too slow for me…way…to..slow..despite Wi-Fi connection apps take 5 to 10 minutes to download…kept disconnecting from Bluetooth.

    I really miss my Motorola droid 2. I love the qwerty style board and I long to have one again.

  17. I switched from BB10 to KEYone and I never looked back. It is very good phone. I get awesome keyobard , blackberry hub and all the apps I need. I do not need to sideload apps, work with outdated android apps or BB10 workarounds for major android apps.

  18. Does anyone know if there is a company out there who can take the shell of the classic and make it into an android device like a custom phone company? Why isn't that a thing? I wouldn't mind paying 2k or somewhere around that.

  19. i cant find enough words or less words to describe WHY bold 9780 should BE a factor/flagship! or the classic. we just want apps (which is the only thing they took away from bold series)

    1. hate touchscreen, i want my TRACKPAD back
    2. small size phone PLEASE! we can't fit it in our hand. business ppl wants to use one hand to work a phone.
    3. bold 9780 LED light display. it actually shines color into the atmosphere.

    i can stand anymore noises when ppl put their phone down on the table. yes, it's an addition. it's loud because it's heavy. they put it down cause they can't keep hold of it anywhere else easily. touchscreen phones are not meant for. it does not benefit anything. it messes me up daily. NO touchscreen, a trackpad has it's own selection when it is selectable.

    TO BE HONEST i got rid of all my iPHONES (touchscreen nymphos), SAMSUNG touchscreens, all touchscreens.
    all touchscreen phones i own are in the GARBAGE, i went back to my bold 9780, 7 years later and im still using it. never a touchscreen again, I HATE THE KEYONE waste of MY MONEY $600. anyone should think AGAIN especially touchscreen companies. I wrote an 100 page essay on why America should get rid of touchscreen and all the niches in them. if u want to read it then ask me. even the government important ppl are using bold 9780….. because touchscreen are trouble, it makes mistakessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss. all i do, or re-do what i wanted to do. or get annihilated.. if u hate touchscreens then you know why. i never owned anything that's being shared with the world, it's not even my phone anymore because cellphone companies changes anything they want in my phone at any given time they want. they change this and that all day, i cant even get use to it cause all i do is change with it. yo i just cant w these phones no more because it's all one style: touchscreen style. not to mention im not a new cellphone users like 70% of the population. i KNOW how a real cellphone really works. like the REAL WAY. i been using cellphones since 1998.

  20. I would really like to get a KeyOne but they are just too expensive for what they are. They are a mid-range phone at near flagship prices, especially in Canada. The Passport is still a great phone. I love having it as a backup. All of my Androids are dead right now, including the very expensive Note 5 that isn't quite 2 years old yet. I'm switching back and forth between the Passport and my Lumia 1520 until my new phone arrives. The Lumia was also a great device and I'm mourning the loss of Windows phones as much as Blackberry. If they ever put out an Android version of the Classic I will be the first to order. Unfortunately, the square Passport doesn't do Android very well but it could with a slightly modified screen size.

  21. @MadnessMobile It's funny you say this, because I've been spending the last month or so wanting to pick up the Classic after my Passport SE burnt out just over a year. Nothing has come close to the PPSE or the Classic. What surprised me the other day was, I'd been watching the Ellen show with my family and realized that TCL produces really top quality TV's that Ellen always gives away on her show. I thought to myself, why doesn't TCL simply manufacture a BlackBerry device in similar fashion to what was previously the best hardware all around? It really bothered me that Blackberry could not find a way to transition Android software over to the Blackberry eco-system or override it completely through Blackberry's secure updates. Otherwise I think anyone who had their Passport and PPSE or Classic would have kept their devices for another decade. I actually picked up the Classic before returning it and getting the PPSE instead back in 2016. If the two new devices coming out later this year are close enough to the Classic or PPSE, that would be a major plus for Blackberry mobile. But TCL is also developing and producing new versions of the PalmPre.

  22. thanks for the tip… have been debating the switch from Passport SE to KeyOne but my impression is the same after trying out the KeyOne at a media outlet … its getting there, but i'll stay with Passsport for now

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