Xiaomi MAX vs. Xiaomi Mi5 - First look & Performance test

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19 thoughts on “Xiaomi MAX vs. Xiaomi Mi5 – First look & Performance test”
  1. Mi 5 laggers .. snapdragon 820 sucks when it heats up .. i play pubg mobile on mi5 and its not sexy play as the mi max
    I prefer the mi max .. better stability better display and most of all its not lagging when it heats up

  2. Xiaomi mi max is better then xiaomi mi5. You compare snapdragon 820 with 650 i prefer bigger phones and xiaomi mi max is great.

  3. i do like mi5 more than mi max. i mean look at the model. mi max is just too big anyway mi5 is xiaomi's flagship , so ..

  4. i don't no why they don't make the mi max with the same spec's as the mi5 and usb 3.1..also why not have a mi max in black too.i wouldn't mind paying extra for a big phone with all the mi5 spec's. i want the best of both phone's all in one..i feel xaomi is missing the point of a large phone here.we want power and size.well i do any way..also i want at least 6gb ram..al stick with my samsung note 3 (n9005) until some really big jump is made in the phablet market…

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