Xiaomi Mi 5X Review!

Xiaomi Mi 5X Review!

Review of the Xiaomi Mi 5X Smartphone – Including the Mi 5X Camera, Battery Life, and Performance. This is certainly one of Xiaomi’s Best Smartphones in 2017!

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43 thoughts on “Xiaomi Mi 5X Review!

  1. They haven't improved a bit since 2 years.
    They have a 10 years old display with FHD while all good ones like Samsung and LG have a much better resolution.
    I think they should finally buy the screens from some good manufacturer and not keep this old and outdated screen.
    They also haven't improved their camera which went from 16MP in Redmi Note 3, into 12 in Note 4 and Note 5.
    The same applies to their battery capacity which went down.
    Something is wrong with this company!

    They seem to go backwards…

    I will never buy a phone with a 1920×1080 especially if it's not a good quality, which is the case here. That alone decides for me whether to buy it or not, and I'm not buying it, until they improve their display into the level of a good one.

  2. Mi 5x is released in India with Android one.. and there os a tie between mi a1(5x) and moto g5s plus as both r of 15k and 16k respectively. So what u think which one o should go.. like which one is overall good and whoch one has superior camera..

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