Xiaomi Mi Note 3 phone without a soul review

Xiaomi Mi Note 3 phone without a soul review

Xiaomi Mi Note 3 in Rumikom retailer Why did I write that Xiaomi Mi Note 3 is a phone without a soul? Because at first this mannequin appeared enticing to me, even the shiny physique didn’t trouble me an excessive amount of. But then I started to note a similarity in it: one thing from Mi6, one thing from Mi5, one thing from Mi Note 2, to not point out the similarity with different manufacturers. The phone appears to have collected the options of earlier smartphones and the sensation that you’re holding a actually new product shortly disappears, nearly immediately. As when you have already seen this smartphone someplace. In addition, I nonetheless don’t understand the rejection of a mini-jack for headphones as an sufficient choice and, maybe, that is the very fact due to which I might undoubtedly not purchase Xiaomi Mi Note 3 for myself. But I’m not you, and you aren’t me. If you will have a completely different opinion on this matter, I’m ready for it within the feedback. See the review, take a look at the phone. I’m all the time glad to your questions. I’m (*3*) My Group: My Twitter Instagram.

38 thoughts on “Xiaomi Mi Note 3 phone without a soul review

  1. ПОчему же ни один обзорщик не сказал о наличии светодиода уведомителя((((( Он есть или нет на этом апарате???? Я не могу жить без этой функции((((

  2. Селфи на телефон и фото только для извращенцев и для тех, у кого нет 3 тысяч долларов на нормальный фотоаппарат. Законы оптики никто не отменял, малое фокусное расстояние уродует морды.

  3. Мне кстати хватает заряда телефона на 2 дня (это постоянный ватсапп, инста + почта по работе)

  4. This means the galaxy s9 has no soul, the s8 also doesnt have a soul, and the whole iphone lineup doesnt have a soul! Samsung phones with soul – s2 s3 s7
    Iphones with sould iphone, iphone 4, iphone 6, iphone x

  5. It is not fair to say that a 350 dollar phone has no soul. This is probably the best budget smartphone around. Especially when it comes to camera performance. For 350 dollars Xiaomi has done a great job. We cannot expect novelties and originality from such a price. In fact, it is probably the opposite. The phone is beautiful, especially the blue colour is amazing. The camera on the chinese firmware is of very high quality. The global firmware downgrades the camera performance but an upgrade is to be released soon! The bokeh effect, the details, colour reproduction competes against the flagships! The portrait mode between Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (800 euros) and Xiaomi Mi Note 3 is comparable! You have to look really hard to notice the difference. My experience is with the latest Chinese firmware on english language. For 350 dollars this phone has a very big soul.

  6. русь это фамилия такая? вы фанат руссьььького пуйло-мира? а если по делу – не могу поставить лайк,т.к. довольно поверхностно, самое главное – что с ночными фото и фото при малом освещении.

  7. "…или отдаем предпочтение Bluetooth наушникам"
    Которые тоже надо как-то заряжать, которые моментально дохнут на морозе, и в целом дают весьма посредственный звук.
    Нет уж спасибо, пускай эти чудики возвращают нормальный TRS 3.5.

  8. Стоит ли ради камер(если они действительно достойны),покупать этот телефон сейчас,весной 2018?

  9. Я извинаюсь за весьма тупой вопрос, а можно ли убрать надпись в левом нижнем углу при фотографии с размытием фона ?

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