Xiaomi Mi3 vs Xiaomi Mi4 Comparison - Worth the Upgrade?

Xiaomi Mi3 vs Xiaomi Mi4 Comparison – Worth the Upgrade?

Is the Xiaomi Mi4 value the larger price ticket?

How does it differ from the Xiaomi MI3?

Should you improve to the Mi4 if you happen to already personal a Mi3?

If the Xiaomi Mi3 is accessible in your nation, do you have to pay extra and import the Mi4?

These are the questions that I attempt to reply on this this video, so watch on…

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48 thoughts on “Xiaomi Mi3 vs Xiaomi Mi4 Comparison – Worth the Upgrade?

  1. mi4 sold in india does not support 4g and mi4 sold on merimobile claims that it has 4g but also lacks on android version by giving kitkat, is there any android updates for mi4 ?

  2. @C4ETech do u think mi4 is a better upgrade to mi3 NOW i,e should i sell my mi3 and buy mi4?? now that mi4 has been launced by flipkart for 20k. will it be worth the upgrade?? i prefer a compact form factor and is one plus noticebly bigger than mi4

  3. Hi Ash, Its been a worth spending on your videos ans i feel very happy listen your valuble comments and i need an invite for OnePlus One. The product really lloks good if possible please share your thoughs about that mobile and send me an invite please.
    Ashok S

  4. C4ETech I need an opinion. Which phone should I buy: Xiaomi MI4 or HTC One M8? It doesn't matter price or storage capacity, which one is better in build quality, system, display?

  5. nice video. i dont really mind about the camera and the screen display are not that different. mi3 seems better to me for cheaper and smaller than mi4. i dont like big phone couse my hand r small

  6. I heard that people complain about the heating issues in xiaomi phones. Is it more apparent in mi4 than mi3? And do you consider it to be a understandable or serious issue?

  7. Your reviews are great, as usual. What I want to appreciate is your clear thinking and logical exposition – you must start writing about anything, for with your clarity, you can make an incisive and relevant enquiry into anything!

  8. excelent review not as lot of lame "pro" sites making review with 😀 mi4 NO SCREEN PROTECTION 😀 

    thx … my question is I live in Europe … and are these extras in Mi4 better than lack of support in NFC ? will the NFC rise in yourope in the future ? … banking system is advancing towards NFC 🙂 already … 

  9. both the phones are having faults which are really irritating i contacted xiaomi regarding the problem they replied that its common  i will not recommend buying any xiaomi phones 

  10. i can see that u r an Anna Nagar Kid and to have an such a tremendous accent, i took aback initially; so a big thumps for that accent !!! 😀  
    precise comparison with agendas and cant be explained any better !!

    I can feel the ground work u must hv done for this review and strongly think other reviewers should learn this from you instead of posting reviews with specs tht everybody knows !! 😀

    Overall u rockd machi, TanQ and keep up the gud work 🙂

  11. good one! ASH please tell me is it wise to go for xiaomi or gionee or other chinese mobile like lenovo, asus, oppo, zte, alkatel etc and please tell me which one to buy for performance and reliability. you have confused me to some extend!!!

    and should one go for lumia, samsung, sony as compare to these above chinese brands.

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