Xiaomi Mi5 Prime vs Samsung Note 5 - Speed Test Comparison Review (Curiosity Test)

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  1. Mi5 just have 1 gb ram available and note 5 have 2 gb ram available , if you want mi5 do better ram management go to battery – manage apps battery usage – choose off , and in my mi5 i change memory optimization become high in developer option , idk but i do that make my mi5 more faster than before , im done compare between mi5 and my rn3 pro that have 2 gb ram available , after i open 10 – 15 apps my mi5 got slower and beaten by my rn3 pro , i think ram available effect the speed , my oppinion in benchmark , i think the score to test the phone to handle high graphic like playing game or else ? I trust benchmark cuz when my rn3 pro win i test with mi5 to play game online rpg or game offline that have high or extreme graphic , yeah you know my rn3 pro fucked up 😀

  2. You are Manipulate the fact, https://youtu.be/cfz3GxkChaU?t=2m38s, you opened video on the Left Mi 5 and Mi5 played before note 5 played video, Note 5 played youtube's advertise, You can see that the video plays by looking at the seconds counter on the bottom left in mi5 video. How much did the samsung company pay you?

  3. The Mi5 Prime only has 1.8GHz(See Description)-The Note 5 has 2.1GHz and the Pro Variant(Normal,Prime,Pro) of the Mi5 have 2.5GHz
    And Prime is not Pro!
    And its not the latest Software on this Mi5 Prime 1.8GHz-Miui 8 is latest

  4. you shouldn't have given points to mi5 for winning in benchmarks. That defeats the purpose of this speed test.

  5. I hope so because I am going to get the s7 international version since it has the exynos Chip which has been proven to be the superior chip

  6. The Mi 5 is connected to the WiFi and doesn't even have a sim inserted while the note 5 is working on 4g. Results will obviously vary. Connect them to the exact same wifi or exact same 4g network.

  7. +Erik Xandron from my experiences with both phones, the note 5 is more snappier, and runs cooler than the nexus 6p which uses the snapdragon 810 which is known for throttling, however I had no problems with this and the nexus is always up to date on the latest android but I would recommend the the note 5

  8. which phone would you suggest, mi5 or galaxy s6 in terms of performance,smoothness, camera quality, display quality and sound quality

    btw, nice video liked it and subscribed your channel….. thanks in advance

  9. hi LBS – is there a "memory management" option right down at the bottom of the developer options?? if so has it been switched off?

  10. I'm a bit disapponted in the mi5, it has a newer, stonger hardware and lower resolution, which is easier to run, but it still couldn't beat the Note 5. And this is why the mi5 is so cheap, because of the bad software, at least, they can optimize it later. I wish the mi5 would have well optimized software. Anyway, well done L BS.

  11. I really like ur videos lbs but don't tell that mi 5 is crab ,it's still half the prices of other flagships and if u dig into miui it is really helpful
    I even have prescribed ur name in the comments of other you tubers like c4etech and how good u r

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