Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 vs Vivo V5 Speed Test - Which Is Faster?

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42 thoughts on “Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 vs Vivo V5 Speed Test – Which Is Faster?”
  1. Saalo Vivo walo bhosd*ke yeh toa dekh ki 3GB wala Redmi tb bhi faad diya landoor Vivo ko woh 4Gb wala. Beta benchmark video check kr Vivo Vs THE KING NOTE 4 aukaat smjh aajayegi. Bs vivo saale ka camera sahi h

  2. People are not much aware about the actual technology and speed test. Here in this video both the mobiles are connected with wifi but Vivo alone loads add while opening angry bird app. How could it be possible.
    >First thing the video is fake as you could see the add loading.
    >Xiaomi is good but not the best. Mobile network signal strength is good but you won’t get the speed as in the Vivo. Reason is cheap network elements. Even wifi won’t have much range like Vivo.
    >Load some high end games and play in both mobiles. See the graphics processing and RAM maintenance along with batter consumption. Here Vivo wins all the aspects. Xiaomi will not have much smooth gaming experience compared to Vivo as they simply mean processors and RAM as just numbers and no one knows what’s actually there inside. We can program in such a way it can show the actual processor as whatever we need. If you are not aware the please don’t believe blindly. Go google everything about the mobile.
    > Check benchmark using some app. Always Vivo wins.
    >Finally the music and video always Xiaomi wins. I do agree that. Even though the Vivo is for music, Vivo gives good sound in loudspeakers better than Xiaomi. But in earphones always Xiaomi is the best.
    >Most important fact is Vivo, Oppo and One Plus are same mobile manufacturing company. If the One Plus deserves the cost and quality then obviously the other two also have.
    >Camera is absolutely great in Vivo compared to any other mobile in this price range. Extremely beautiful.
    >Go check with any mobile. Compare the Xiaomi with any other 4G mobile. It’s download speed will be less compared to any other mobile with 4G. I personally checked with same sim in devices like Asus, Vivo, Lyf devices. Always the Xiaomi is the loser. Please go check with it hands on. You won’t believe this.

    Better go for Vivo if you really wanna invest your hard earned money.

  3. Redmi note 4's display looked kind of yellowish or is it just you turn on the smart eye display auto brightness technology thing.

  4. Haha youtuber ko mi se pesa milta hai. Mere pass redmi note 4 aur vivo v5 hai, redmi note 4 hang hota aur heat vi hota hai, likhawat par mat jayo personly dono phone use karke dekho redmi ki display vi clear nahi hai
    Ha vivo ke pixel fatty hai

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