Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro vs Redmi Note 4 Speedtest Comparison!

In this video let’s pit Xiaomi’s newest launch, the Redmi Note 5 Pro, in opposition to its predecessor, the Redmi Note 4 in a speedtest underneath completely different eventualities to see which performs higher. Link to our newest giveaway:

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Redmi Note 5:

Redmi Note 4:

Both the Redmi Note 5 and the Redmi Note 4 have a Snapdragon 625 chipset with 8 cortex A53 cores clocked in at 2 GHz every. The Redmi Note 4 on this video has 3 GB RAM and the Redmi Note 5 has 4 GB RAM.

The Redmi Note 5 and Redmi Note 5 run on MIUI 9 primarily based on Android 7 Nougat.

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42 thoughts on “Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro vs Redmi Note 4 Speedtest Comparison!”
  1. Why would you use phones with different rams in a comparison that counts even seconds uses stopwatch… The moment u said tht note 4 is of 3gb ram..this whole video became useless… There is no sense in comparison this detailed when u ignore the basic difference in rams…. 1 GB of ram makes a lot of difference even if the latter has an improved chipset…this video proves nothing except wasting the time

  2. Sorry, I got confused. In the video it says Note 5 Pro but in the description and in the link to buy the phone, it is displaying Note 5 everywhere. Please halp…! ..please clear it up Ash, Sundar….

  3. Can you please provide some data about the battery life comparison between the two? I own the redmi note 4 Snapdragon, but would like to know if the redmi note 5 pro is better in battery life..

  4. This is not even a speed test. You should open same apps on both phones at the same time. That's how you'll get to know the speed difference

  5. lower ram variant of a phone vs higher ram varient of the latest model with the newer processor. WOW UNEXPECTED RESULTS.

  6. Brother you should have used 4 gig variant of note 4 for the speed test ! Comparing 4 gig variant and 3 gig variant in case of ram management makes no sense !

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