Xperia Z4 Tablet Review - I LOVE this tablet!

Xperia Z4 Tablet Review – I LOVE this tablet!

How does the Xperia Z4 Tablet stack up? Let’s simply say that Sony’s new machine is the one to beat. Read extra concerning the Xperia Z4 Tablet: …

45 thoughts on “Xperia Z4 Tablet Review – I LOVE this tablet!

  1. 5 years since the release still the best tablet, okay it's still micro USB but really there isn't much difference with USB type C speed.
    The so called present industries only confuse most people, useless unnecessary updates, sell sell to gain capitals but never think about the long term impacts, etc.
    Yes, it has "outdated" Snapdragon 810 processor but it's faster than today Snapdragon series 4, 6, and 7. As if you're going to launch a missile with it. LOL "unbloat" the bloatwares also important to increase speed and performance than the stock.
    but anyway computer in the 1960's could already launched Apollo 11 😉
    #technology Yes, I am a bit of everything I also hack my devices, technical stuff is also one of my things since I was born, my Father is an Engineer as well.

  2. It does overheat. It also slows down dramatically in a short time. Battery life is terrible and it's slow to charge. Don't get me wrong, I've been using this tablet since it was released, even though the OS stopped getting updated years ago, and, as I can't afford a new tablet, will continue using it until it dies. It looks gorgeous. The screen is wonderful. When the memory isn't full, it's smooth and still runs just about every app going, but the ram is tiny compared to my S10 and gaming is a waste of time on it. Use it as a backup to your far more powerful phone – and you can tether it – and it is still a good tablet. If only there was a way to update the android OS.

  3. Everything else about the tablet is outstanding. It charges quickly JustU.Faith/SonyZ4Tab?標 the battery lasts a long time between charges, and it is pretty fun to use. If you are looking for a great Android tablet that competes well against the iPad, you will want to consider the Xperia Z4 from Sony.

  4. It looks great. Looks can be deceiving.First off, i'm a Sony Fan Boy for 25 years. Almost every electrical appliance Sony. Till Now. IT you want a great quality Android tablet you couldn't ask for anything. The Z4 Looks great. I own a Xperia tablet Z2. But pray to God you don't have any problems with it. Cause the Customer support and The Sony Policy return warranty are the worst of any company. I had my Tablet Z2 for 1 year….expired a month after the warranty Sony refuses and repair the Tablet. They lost me . I'm switching to least their customer service is great and support their products

  5. Shit as usual, soft ,too thin, too delicate, haunted and plagued to not last out its warranty, loved my z3 phone but the screen dropped out on 3 replaced hand sets, then after reading the z4 tab reviews I decided on one ,6 months later the screen played up returned to me fixed then came loose after the warranty, then cracked with no pressure, no different to all there flag ship phones, hence why its not made anymore, I loved it before hand and hate Sony for taking my money

  6. Are there any 16:9 resolution tablets like this one? I want one for watching movies/tv shows in 16:9 aspect resolution but with a microsd slot. This tablet is perfect but its way to overpriced for me. Any suggestions?

  7. Sony's mobile division makes stellar products. To me they're like the Apple of Android, but even better because of so much more you get with Sony….they need to get back on track with advertising and making their products more readily available in the US

  8. can I have Internet on the Sony z4 lte tablet using my Sony xperia z3 phone?
    In the US (At&T). have unlimited data plan so can switch to mobile hotspot. I was told:
    settings… more..tethering/ hot spots and it should work

  9. but the camera is fucked up mate. everything flaws fromt here. so stop saying that it is the best tab. Samsung galaxy S 10.5 was the best in its class. check that baby out and shut the fuck up!

  10. Just bought the Asus Zen besides this tablet is there any other tablet that's good for music I don't want to use a phone anymore and they don't make mp3 players like they use to : / with tablets basically taking their place I was thinking about picking up Dells new tablet or one of Samsung's galaxy tablets anybody have any suggestions in terms of audio quality

  11. Hi folks, can someone point to me a way to buy this in India? I badly need this and it looks like the tab is not available in indian stores anymore. 🙁

  12. Hello, very good tablet, but after month yesterday i have charge it 100% and then log off, today tried to open the tablet and it won't open, can help me anyone..

  13. I'd love to try a Sony smartphone but why don't they release them on all 4 carriers, if LG can then Sony can Sony has some great ideas and originality but they have some shit management in a lot of thier departments. PlayStation is ran pretty well, they still have need for improvement PSN is showing some server quality improvements.

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