You Cannot Call Me Inconsistent- Health Care Has Always Been A Human Right

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45 thoughts on “You Cannot Call Me Inconsistent- Health Care Has Always Been A Human Right”
  1. Sanders needs to add a little known but interestingly relevent fact to his list of reasons to have universal healthcare for all. In 1994 there was a nationwide poll in Canada, to name the greatest Canadian of the 20th century. Anyone could win and there was no prize to the winner. The vote confirmed a man named Tommy Douglas and he was the father of the Medicare system that Canada now enjoys. He fought for it for most of his political career. He was older like Bernie and he talked the same sensible talk that Bernie does today.

  2. What a loser. Has to use the same old, musty speech that is almost 30 years old. Cheap bastard that likes to spend other people's money. Funny how he owns several homes and is worth about 3 million.

  3. It is not your consistency that is important Senator Sanders. It is what you are consistent about. You imply that the healthcare in the best countries in the world are socialist. They are NOT. Canada and the Nordic countries are SOCIAL DEMOCRACIES not SOCIALIST. You are lying sir. If you know it, you are not worthy of being in the Senate. If you don't know it you are even worse.

  4. it only took the communist posing as a representative of the people 20+ years of sitting around and getting rich while doing nuthin.. until he decided he wanted to be our dictator.. Now hes trying to play it like hes a hero FOR US PEOPLE OF THE DEMOCRACY THAT SUPPORTED HIS BALLAST AZZ WHILE HE FOCUSED ON HIS 9-5 POLITICAL CAREER PRETENDING TO REPRESENT US. Hes just another piece of crap treasonous evil career politition. 34 years of doing nuthin.. and telling us we need to change our government to communism after getting rich and "retiring" off of WE THE PEOPLE.. he needs tried for treason

  5. A lifetime of battling against corporate greed. It's been a hard uphill battle and I'm sad it's taking this long. I wish you the best luck in the race Senator Sanders. It's time to show the world America has both a brain and a heart.

  6. Socialism and Democratic Socialism cannot solve the problems we created in the nations of the world by ignoring the written wisdom of our Creator, Savior and God in the Bible.
    Socialism like most governments lures us to a lifetime of glorified slavery called employment to pay taxes for wages and unnecessary projects that make more employment to lure more people away from the true freedom and abundance our Creator designed for all.

    Raising the minimum wage is not a solution, it raises the cost of almost everything for our people.. The solution is to end costs and taxes for unnecessary projects, so the price of food and goods goes down for equal benefit to all.

    We cannot escape the bondage, pollution, diseases and afflictions and conflicts and wars until we forsake the wrong way and embrace the right way. The decision should be easy for all; we can exchange health care insurance bills and disease for good health, peace and joy.

  7. A consistent Communist. How many soldiers have died trying to keep us free from what this bastard represents. He's got a death wish. I hope he get's what he's wishing for.

  8. 1987. Not 2017 ok Warren. Don't claim to have fought for issues for as long as Bernie, the facts are clear. Bernie is an innovator, not a copycat. You cannot take that away from him. Stop being fake and give credit where it is due.

  9. The fact he has been actually representing the interests of a high majority of people and our healthcare system is still bad is a sign as to how docile and backwards we are as a people. Stop waiting on one person to solve all your problems and get involved in local politics. Otherwise nothing is going to change.

  10. if he doesn't win the nomination at the VERY least, then either the USA is beyond help, or the DNC is rigging it. probably both.

  11. Try this video.

  12. Mainstream news and politics thinks that Bernie is boring for not causing enough controversy and not saying anything new. I think it is more our/their fault than his that his message has stayed relevant for over forty years. Honestly I would have given up after failing to make an impact for this long, but he won't let the threat of not being popular stop him from being right.

    I knew there was a reason why I find his voice so sexually arousing.

  13. What does Bernie Sanders have to do to prove he is for the people! Don’t corporate money has Fought these policies all his life… He will save America from Trump climate change and war! Please vote for Bernie Sanders 2020

  14. Voting for Bernie is the ONLY way in which you can vote in your favor! Anything else besides Bernie or Tulsi means you're licking the boots of grifters!

  15. Greatest benefit from Medicare for all — To reduce illness, government funded research which would show clearly that smoking causes 20% of illness, and the average American diet of 50% fat causes 70% of illness. Which would force those with a rotten lifestyle to pay for their own healthcare, causing a 90% reduction in illness.


  17. From the UK: when you have a national healthcare system you will wonder how you ever allowed your country to go without one for so long. If you get your equivalent of the NHS my only advice is do all you can to protect it from the vultures that will try to tear it apart and pick over it's corpse. Our politicians have tried in the UK to sell it off and undermine it with creeping privatisation. Fight to defend it. If you can get it written into your constitution!

  18. For every stupid policy position this country took, over the last 30 years, there is a video of Bernie warning against it.

  19. It quite pathetic that the corporate media is slamming you for being consistent. That just shows they got nothing on you =P

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