Delivery drivers often have to work long hours and some have to spend extended periods away from their friends and family. They also have to navigate potentially hazardous roads and handle heavy loads. Thankfully, the leading technology experts have designed a number of gadgets with the purpose of enhancing the lives of lorry drivers. This […]

Bill Smart is an assistant professor of computer science and engineering at Washington University in St. Louis, MO. With his Ph.D. student Doug Few, he is working on the next generation of military robotics. The U.S. military has apparently set the year 2020 as the goal for having 30% of the Army composed of robotic […]

Congratulations! You have the very best DSLR the Canon EOS 60D in your hands. If you have just met your camera let me introduce you a bit about it. The 60D replaces the popular 50D and boasts an 18 MegaPixel CMOS sensor with a DIGIC 4 engine, Full HD Video recording, wireless flash, and a […]

One might never know when a recently purchased tool might come in handy, and nobody wants to carry around a backpack full of instruments and gadgets that might not even be needed. It is especially important for construction workers, repairmen, and mechanics. Right tools ensure that people of such professions will do their job quickly […]

Are you going to benefit from the digital revolution? If so, you may want to read our tips to buy a TV box without any hassle. Now you have digital TV, and you may want to opt for a set top box. As far as the hardware is concerned, you may have some confusion and […]

Smart TVs have the potential to replace conventional TVs. This innovative gadget offers a lot of features a conventional TV set could not give, taking things a step further. It is equipped with advanced computing technology which includes internet integration, a set-top box, gaming console, Blu-ray player, local hard drive storage, and other devices. In […]

The smartphone is one of the most prestigious devices that one can own and they do not come cheap. However, they are electronics and they can break down and become problematic sometimes. The best thing is that there are so many smartphone experts available today. Selecting a good technician can be a great challenge, but […]