Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+ vs Model B+ comparison

Raspberry Pi 3 Model A  vs Model B

The Raspberry Pi foundation has just presented its new mini computer model: the Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+. This new mini computer takes over from the original A+ model that was launched on the market four years ago, as a cheaper alternative to the Pi 1 model, maintaining the same external dimensions as this one, but providing all the power that the Raspberry Pi model brings 3 Model B+ to the market.

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AMD Radeon RX 590 benchmark, review, features and performance

AMD Radeon RX 590 benchmark

AMD has moved again in the GPU market and today, it has released AMD RX 590 GPU.  Although it is not the movement that we would all like, if it is a movement that provides security, it is evolutionary in nature and increases performance. Its Polaris 30 architecture offers a performance bonus at a price similar to that seen by Polaris 20 thanks to the new RX 590 cards.

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ADATA Ultimate SU630 specifications: new SSD with QLC 3D memory up to 960 GB

ADATA Ultimate SU630 specs

The manufacturer of solid storage devices, ADATA, has just presented its new ADATA Ultimate SU630 SSD, in which it assembles the new memory type QLC, with a total of up to 960 GB of internal capacity. These new SSDs would be the perfect replacement for the hard drives of users who still use mechanical storage units on their desktop or laptop computers.

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Nvidia Quadro RTX 4000 specs and details

Nvidia Quadro RTX 4000

NVIDIA follows its own, taking new cards to the market to cover all possible gaps between different ranges. In today’s case, he presented his professional mid-range GPU called NVIDIA Quadro RTX 4000 at the annual Autodesk University conference in Las Vegas, which makes real-time ray tracing available to a wider audience.

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AOC G2590PX / G2: new risky design monitor, 144 Hz and FreeSync

AOC G2590PX G2

Is the fashion of the gamers-sponsored components coming back? Or is it that he has never left? It would be two good questions to open this article, since today AOC has announced its new G2559PX / G2, being the first monitor in the G2 Esports Signature Edition range. This is a very powerful alliance, since it unites one of the leading manufacturers with one of the leading gamers organizations.

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Cooler Master MasterWatt MWE Gold: modular sources up to 750 W and 90% efficiency

Cooler Master MasterWatt MWE Gold review

The manufacturer of power supplies, Cooler Master, has recently introduced its new series of sources MasterWatt MWE Gold. The manufacturer increases, in this way, its current line of MWE sources with 6 new models, three of which have the wiring fixed to the source, while the other three have completely modular wiring, with the improvement in the ventilation of the interior of the box that this represents for all users.

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Cheapest RTX 2080 Ti is from EVGA

EVGA has just scored, if the simile is allowed, a goal for the squad, as it has announced a new model for NVIDIA. The news would not be just this, since this is something very common and expected, but because this RTX 2080 Ti Black Edition will come with custom design and at a price of 999 dollars.

evga RTX 2080 Ti

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