Fujifilm X-H1 professional digital camera released in India

Fujifilm X-H1

Fujifilm has released the premium X-H1, a professional mirrorless digital camera. It has newly designed body that features useful features that let you shoot in even the most demanding scenarios. The Fujifilm X-H1 is the first model in the X-series range to feature 5-axis in-body image stabilization feature that has maximum of 5.5 stops. The X-H1 comes equipped with a flicker reduction mode that enhances indoor quality by a long shot. The Fujifil X-H1 is also the first camera in X-series range to feature Eterna mode that is a film simulation mode for shooting video clips. It will retail for 149,999 rupees (body only). If you want the battery grip, you will have to shell out 172,999 rupees.

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ICICI Bank will close accounts and credit cards doing Bitcoin trading

ICICI Bank bitcoin trading

ICICI Bank has issued a warning to the credit card users and account holders about bitcoin and forex trading in overseas market. This is what they are saying in the email, “Under the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA), 1999, a resident Indian is permitted to make only those foreign exchange transactions on ICICI Bank Cards or Account that are permissible and remittance in any form towards overseas exchange trading through internet/ electronic trading portals is not permitted. Indian residents are therefore prohibited from trading in foreign exchange in domestic and overseas market, including binary option trading with commodities, stocks, indices, bitcoin index and forex etc. “

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Vector Unit Valentine Day offer for Beach Buggy Racing, Riptide GP: Renegade, Riptide GP2

Vector Unit Valentine Day offer

Vector Unit, a popular gaming software house is now offering heavy discounts on their games that include Beach Buggy Racing, Riptide GP: Renegade, Riptide GP2, Vector Unit Triple Pack and Riptide GP Bundle. Also, the Riptide GP: Renegade is now available for Xbox Game Pass subscribers! For a low monthly fee, you get unlimited access to over 100 Xbox One and Xbox 360 games — including our favorite hydrojet racer. The Windows Store now offers a “Buy as gift” button so you can purchase your special someone a Riptide GP: Renegade digital code that they can redeem via email. Note that it only works in the United States.

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Indian banks block Bitcoin payments and withdrawals

india ban bitcoin

Banks have been asked by Reserve Bank of India in an informal communication to stay away from dealing with bitcoin / cryptocurrency exchanges in India. All Indian banks are no longer allowing the users to deposit or withdraw money to their banks. All the cryptocurrency exchanges in India were raided by tax department last month where they took data of all users for hiding the wealth from the government and not paying taxes on the capital gains.

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Belkin Boost Up Bold Wireless Charging Pad, Car Mount, Pocket Power USB-C 10K launched at CES 2018

belkin ces 2018

Belkin has launched a series of new products at the CES 2018 technology show. This includes Boost Up Bold Wireless Charging Pad, Wireless Charging Stand, Charging Car Mount, Dual Wireless Charging Pad and wireless charging system. A new power bank was also launched along with a fast charging wall charger. All of these new mobile accessories will be available for sale by Summer 2018.

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Acer V6820M/i 4K UHD projector works with Amazon Alexa

Acer V6820M

Acer announced V6820M/i 4K UHD projector that works with Amazon Alexa for intuitive control and operation. These are the first of their kind to support Amazon Alexa. Using this tech, consumers will be able to control the projector after enabling the Acer Projector Smart Home skill by asking Alexa on a device like the Echo or compatible Acer PC. For instance, you will be able to turn it on by saying Alexa, turn on the projector or select HDMI as the projector source.

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ELSA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti ST specifications, offers stock OEM looks

ELSA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti ST review (1)

I do not think it’s a great choice, really. The first thing is that it looks like a heatsink that has been manufactured by the OEM itself. The second, that of course I do not think at all that sink is going to be silent, more if we take into account the scarce air outlet that has the card on its front. And third, because this dissipative design was very good 10 years ago, but to date it is nothing more than a view of the past. The base frequency of the graphic core is 1480 MHz, with a Boost up to 1582 MHz. Like all GTX 1080 Ti, the card equips 11 GB of GDDR5X memory running at 11 GHz. Its power is provided by a six-pin connector and another eight-pin connector.

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AOC G2590VXQ is cheap gaming computer monitor

AOC G2590VXQ review

AOC has just presented its new monitor AOC G2590VXQ. This monitor, despite its low price, is loaded with features more typical of monitors of a higher category. With a panel with a refresh rate of 1 ms or AMD FreeSync technology. The gamers not only live on monitors with a zillion inches of screen, with very high resolutions, and with many technologies on their monitors. No, there are gamers who do not have that much money. But they do not want to do without having a good monitor, with a good image quality and with technologies that help them in their games. Of all the technologies that a gamer wants on his monitor, the first one is AMD FreeSync. Because it is the technology for improved cheaper image that can be found in a cheap monitor. Yes, it is true, G-Sync technology can be more exploited by having more number of Nvidia graphics cards than AMD in the market. But, the reality is that monitors with G-Sync technology are more expensive since Nvidia charges monitors manufacturers for using this technology, which AMD does not do when using theirs.

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Acer Predator 21X launched in India for 7Lakh Rupees

Acer Predator 21X price in india

Market of premium gaming laptops in India is booming as more and more people have started learning about these powerful laptops that offer excellent gaming and productive experience. Acer has launched Predator 21X, its ultimate gaming laptop that features state of art design and dual Nvidia 1080Ti discrete graphics card configured in SLI for unbeatable gaming performance. Pair that with unlocked i7-7700K processor and 5 cooling fans, you have an undisputed winner in your hands. If you really want to get one for yourself, you got to hurry since only 500 such units will be made.

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