Epson Ecotank ET-4550 specifications: Epson Ecotank ET-4550 printer cartridge

Epson Ecotank ET-4550 specifications

With a low printing cost by 74%, the Ecotank range of Epson delivers high-performance printing thanks to the high capacity of the ink tanks. Farewell cartridges – One of the strengths of Epson Ecotank ET-4550 lies in the innovative color charging system. Instead of relying on traditional ink cartridges, here are six color bottles of 70 ml and two bottles for black, 140 ml (included in the package). The tanks, high capacity, provide much more printed pages than any other inkjet printer.

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Geotel Notes Review: Geotel Notes Specs detailed

Geotel Notes Reviews

The Chinese phone manufactures have made giant leaps forward in the mobile industry. Now, most of their phones are compared with the top end smartphones with an excellent specification / price ratio. Basically, those looking for a terminal with a sheet of high-end, but at an affordable price, more and gives a look at the Chinese shop and at the moment offers because on balance they make good business.

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Ambrane AQ11 3G tablet launched in India for $150

Ambrane AQ11 review

Outfitted with host of components and simple to utilize interface, the tablet arrives in a smooth and exquisite outline that is agreeable to utilize and to a great degree convenient in nature conveying a Super smooth and Responsive Experience. Appreciate everything about: you’re survey involvement with AQ 11 that games a 10′ IPS Display, proficient in conveying outstanding shading and clarity ensuring that you don’t miss even a solitary detail. With profound complexity, rich hues and fresh subtle elements, you won’t miss a thing when you’re caught up with watching motion pictures or playing diversions.

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Moto M launched in India: Moto M Flipkart exclusive – Moto M Launch date in India

Moto M price in India

With regards to picking style or execution in a smartphone, you don’t need to compromise any longer. Presenting the brilliant new Moto M. Wonderfully encased in fine metal, Moto M is an effective smartphone that mirrors your identity, disposition, speed and makes you look great, regardless of what you’re doing. This grand smartphone that that is all metal and grit, will be accessible only on Flipkart, beginning fourteenth Dec, 11:59pm.

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Futura X is World Fastest wireless charger

Futura X review

BEZALEL, Inc. has presented the world’s speediest wireless charging cushion, which can control up cell phones 2.5 circumstances more rapidly than standard wire-based chargers. Notwithstanding providing unparalleled speed, the organization’s new Futura X charging cushions are likewise the most slender, most convenient wireless chargers available today.

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Envent Livefree 320 and 325 bluetooth speakers launched in India

Envent Livefree 320 review

Envent World Wide Pvt. Ltd., India‘s driving and one of the quickest developing customer hardware embellishment mark today, propelled two advanced speakers LiveFree 320 and 325. These are compact bluetooth speakers, controlled by 3W drive for a definitive sound,flaunting a ultra-polished body which makes it a flawless music frill. These areavailable at driving web based business sites, for example, Flipkart and Amazon.

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Asus Zenbook 3 launched in India

Asus Zenbook 3 india review

ASUS, today reported the accessibility of its exceptional lead ultra versatile Zenbook 3 in India. One of the principal ultrabooks to be furnished with the most recent seventh Gen Intel Core processors with Kaby Lake engineering, the smooth Zenbook 3 will be accessible in three restrictive hues — Royal Blue, Rose Gold and Quartz Gray. ZenBook 3 is the world’s most prestigious ultrabook with extraordinary execution. It is a standout amongst the most innovatively progressed ultraportable notebooks, and a definitive exhibit of Asus’ notebook craftsmanship and ability.

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Plextor EX1 SSD with USB Type-C Connector launched

Plextor EX1 SSD review

The specialist in digital storage systems manufacturer Plextor has announced the newest addition to its catalog, the new generation of external SSDs ultra lightweight, small size and high performance EX1 . Weighing only 30 grams and reduced dimensions, these new external SSDs benefit from the performance of the USB 3.1 interface with Type-C connector to provide a similar to a SATA3 SSD performance high – end.

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MSI Geforce GTX Ti 1050 is a GPU for cheap desktop PCs

MSI Geforce GTX 1050 Ti review (1)

MSI has just unveiled its new graphics card low profile Geforce GTX 1050 Ti 4 GT LP with all the performance and the excellent performance of which are capable Nvidia Pascal cores but with a printed circuit board with a size halved the usual height for this type of high – performance components, making it an indispensable component for users who want to build a HTPC computer where they can play with a box of very low height.

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HP Mini Z2: Intel Xeon and NVIDIA Quadro on the size of a NUC

HP Mini Z2 review (1)

HP has unveiled its first workstation form factor less than mini ITX, the HP Z2 Mini , which aims to give professional users (especially those who use CAD ) all the power you need with low power consumption, noise almost null, and in a format that takes up no space on the desk. The HP Mini Z2 is great for those who are looking to find a nice mini PC laptop that they can use for both work and gaming. It does not take up much space on the desk and doubles as duty of an Xbox or Play Station gaming console.

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