Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max review: The true Pro arrives?

If you’re a big-phone person, or you care about camera performance more than anything, the Pro Max is the one you should be looking at.

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20 thoughts on “Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max review: The true Pro arrives?”

  1. Just switched from the 8+ last week. My carrier made me a deal i could not refuse. The pro max 12 is slightly and I do mean slightly bigger than my old 8 plus. My 8 plus was an awesome phone but this pro max 12 is light years ahead in every aspect.

  2. I hate the fact that the pro max is better than the pro now,so basically it means i have to adjust with a larger screen for the best.Pity my small hands

  3. I have experienced fast speeds. 1) I often go play with android phones that have 120hz. And 2) I have an iPad Pro. There is absolutely not a bit of me missing 120hz, when I pick up my iPhone. 😒

  4. I wish the 120hz talk was more objective. 😒 apple generally don’t put half baked tech in their products. And:

    1) there is pretty much no difference in real life for human eye.
    2) it’s half baked because you usually have to choose between the refresh rate, battery life and screen resolution. 😒
    3) it’s “better” when you scroll through app drawer. 😄 I guess YouTube reviewers sit and do that all day when they aren’t making videos..? 😏 90% of the time the screen actually should be like 1hz 😒, not 120. And 99% of people don’t care. And they shouldn’t, despite the reviewers making it trendy to look at just the numbers on paper.

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