Apple iPhone 12 review: Closer to a Pro than ever

Watch part 2 here for the iPhone 12 Pro:

I’ve been testing the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro for about a week, and it wasn’t long before I stopped thinking about how big a deal these things were or weren’t. No, I couldn’t help but dwell on more practical matters, like just how similar these two phones really are. The gap between a “regular” iPhone and a Pro iPhone has grown smaller than ever. That’s great news for anyone who doesn’t want to spend more for a smartphone than they have to, but it also means deciding between the two is no easy feat.

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28 thoughts on “Apple iPhone 12 review: Closer to a Pro than ever”

  1. Thanks a lot for this useful and professional review .

    Would you please to help me ? I love the blue one with this special light blue phone case (cover ). Can you give me the link of buying that case cover ? ( I mean minute of 4:30 from the video )

  2. Yeah I never got another iphone after iphone 5 because that was the best design.
    After it went with the rounded look like Samsung phones and I didn't like them.

    I'm glad they went back to the iphone 5 look 🙂

  3. apple fan boys youtubers can't really talk about small iphone batery,64 gb storage ,60hz displays no charger,no headphones, ugly notch notch,no reverse charge overpriced phones,no usb c port

  4. I really wanted the card pocket to work. I'll pass and I don't want a folding phone case. There are several cards that don't have digital on-phone replacements yet. My wallet is down to 11 cards but that's still too many.

  5. Very good review. I like that you stay on the topic and you don’t try to add politics or anything like that into your reviews. I’m very interested in upgrading soon but wasn’t quite sure so thanks for the video. A lot of the videos I was watching before just tell me about the look and stuff and I’m least interested in that.

  6. Current mobile trends like wireless charging ,optical image stabilization in camera,live photos , camera oriented mobiles all the above things as to be attributed to Nokia and Microsoft as these concepts were bought in those mobiles no one had even attempted that bcos of these American reviewers and there bias towards wall street overhyped company apple are killing innovation and also companies its so sad to see this today were iphone 12 without fingerprint sensor, outdated design ,having pathetic battery life is being appreciated

  7. 1st the pricing of iPhone 12 is an absolutely hell!

    And 2nd thing don't waste money for very small camera improvement and a more 1 gb ram in iPhone 12

    If you really have a problem with your iPhone (6,7,8 only) .. then only switch….

    You can get premium quality phones from samsung and OnePlus with almost same or more apps than ios.

    What are your daily tasks eh? Using calculator , camera , social media , gaming (pubg ,cod) etc…


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