Apple iPhone 4 Review

PhoneArena reviews the Apple iPhone 4 – the latest version of the legendary smartphone that altered the industry landscape. The iPhone 4 brings forth many new features, most notably an all new design that lives up to the contemporary standards. The other most significant change is with the display, which remains the same in size, but now has a resolution of 640×960 pixels for incredibly sharp images and text.

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46 thoughts on “Apple iPhone 4 Review”

  1. My first iPhone. I was lucky enough to have a plan upgrade right when it came out. I remember everyone wanting to see it at school when they saw I had one… all back when smartphones were new and exciting.

  2. I loved this phone when it came out. I remember being ecstatic when my mom bought it for me as a high school graduation gift back in the day. I’ve always been an apple boy. Who’s watching from their 13 Pro Max?😊

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