Apple iPhone 7 Review

Is the iPhone 7 a real improvement over the 6s, or is Apple just fiddling around a bit, tweaking design here and there while swapping in a few new parts? Let’s find out.
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[00:00] Intro
[00:54] Design
[05:54] Display
[06:25] Interface
[07:09] Performance
[08:27] Camera
[09:50] Battery
[10:20] Conclusion
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31 thoughts on “Apple iPhone 7 Review”

  1. refreshing to see an honest yet somewhat positive review. whether your iOS or android its easy to get caught up in the negative instead of focusing on what has improved.
    great vid. subscribed

  2. Should i buy iphone 7 .. or oneplus 5t. All saying 5t. But my mood is i7 bcoz of its compact size. I want good camera and performance n 1 day battery. Plzzz suggest me

  3. I still don't think Apple should've removed the headphone jack. I mean, Apple could've placed the headphone jack on the top, whilst still adding the stereo speakers, although this would've probably made the phone look slightly uglier

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