Apple iPhone 8 Plus Review

So who should be buying an iPhone Plus this year? Well, let’s take a look at what you can expect from the phone’s hardware, and …

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  1. I have a iPhone 8 Plus I got it for Christmas it’s a fantastic phone but the battery is suffering and I need a battery replacement so I’ll order one from Amazon to save money but other then that, still great phone nothing wrong with it( I have the gold), it’s still better then my old phone except for the Picture in Picture and customization, that’s the only thing I miss from my old phone, but camera quality is significantly better on this phone, this is my first iPhone

  2. I was recommended to cybernet_hacker on Instagram by my coworkers after explaining to her what I’m passing through with my boyfriend in our relationship.things were not fine so I had no choice than to figure what’s wrong by hacking his iCloud,iMessage and Snapchat to monitor him without notification

  3. As someone who really appreciates audio wired headphones are very important to me that's why on iPhone could never be my daily device. I use an LG G8 for my daily phone and love it but I'm probably going to pick up one of these for my secondary line and sell off my pixel for because Sprint has it for $288 refurbished and I could sell the pixel for at least 450 therefore making me some cash. I guess I could also just buy a cheaper Android to but I'm thinking this 8 plus maybe large enough for me to look at things that I now look at with my iPad 2018 and I might could sell that as well.

  4. Is the phone of my dreams even if is 2020 I'm buying that baby anyway soon 😎😍

    Oct 31 , 2020 hey y’all and happy halloween. I bought it from amazon remastered because I can’t find it new in the moment the thing is the phone was f*ck 🆙 I send it back to the company and the freaking phone cost almost $500 all scratched and with a battery health in 90% completely not original pieces on that phone the battery always going low really fast , I cannot put service because it was not letting me call NOTHING all f*ck 🆙 at the end I ask for devolution of money and I scammed back saying that my phone plan cost $50 when only cost less than $40 idk , I was so mad but I received all my money at the end. Now I have an iPhone 11 if you gonna buy iphones 8 or else always make sure is new or the company’s online are trustworthy I was too excited and things go wrong but with my pockets full again. XD

  5. "The only issue we had was with the voice call quality"

    It's a phone. Thats it primary function. To make and receive calls. If the quality of the calls in a phone the cost up to $900 is not to standard then I could't care less what else it does. Its literally unbelievable the shit that gets mentioned in these reviews. I would be that 98% of the people who own an iPhone 8+ probably use less than 25% of its processing power anyway. I mean how has everyone become so pretentious about a phone?

  6. Yes I have iPhone 8 plus Sama color and great battery life, super awesome camera ,Handel heavy task easily like 10,000 SMS what app videos photos come frequently never hang even all apps open in back ground.

  7. I've been an Android guy since i got my first phone (8th grade) I'm thinking about buying and iphone 8 plus for black Friday or Christmas, but idk where should i buy my iPhone 8 plus… Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon etc……please anyone give me some advice
    I currently havr an LG stylo 2 from Metro PCS

  8. At around 6:00 did he say he got about 10.5 hours screen on time?!?! Wtf my iPhone 7 Plus on iOS 12 only gets 5.5 hours max and I only had it up to 7 hours once… what is he doing on his phone to get that battery life?!?!

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