Apple iPhone 8 vs 8 Plus: Unboxing & Review (All Colors)

iPhone 8 skins:
iPhone 8+ skins:

Thanks for watching my in-depth unboxing & review of the Apple iPhone 8 and 8 Plus in Gold, Silver, and Space Gray.






49 thoughts on “Apple iPhone 8 vs 8 Plus: Unboxing & Review (All Colors)”

  1. 5 years later, and the 8+ is still my favorite looking iPhone. Sold it when I got my 11 Pro Max and I kinda wish I hadn't so I could use it just for music or something

  2. I love iPhones so much besides the battery they are really nice my first iPhone was the 5S and it was a great phone then I switched to a few androids but I missed using an iPhone so I got the new SE 2020 and it’s a great iPhone I don’t think I’ll ever switch back to a Samsung again apple is amazing with device support

  3. It's almost surreal to me seeing iPhone 8's that aren't shattered. Mine is still shattered.. it costs more to fix it than it did buying it brand new! (800+ dollars is what I got it for brand new)

  4. Hello I would like your take on the white vs black bezel for older folks. To me the white serves purpose to help elder people locate the important home button. Is this logical? Also it helps them find the phone and locate the charger plug? Would that make sense? If there are other ways to look at which would be easier for seniors would like to know.

  5. my parents have the 8 Plus 256GB (mom has gold, dad has silver, but he was gonna get red, but it was out of stock :/and they also didn't have black) good phones today although my mom's battery is frankly atrocious.

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